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The Botanical Building at Balboa Park in San Diego

Sep 11, 2009 by Lisa Newton

I recently wrote a story about Balboa Park, and talked about the magnificence of the Botanical Building at Balboa Park in San Diego.

I’ve always loved flowers, gardens, and the natural habitat of plants, so for me walking through the arboretum and seeing it inside was both enthralling and enchanting.

Before entering this magnificent homage to nature, first you have to pass a few fish along the way at La Laguna– the 43 feet wide by 195 feet long pond—which presages the entrance to the Botanical Building’s entrance.

I wasn’t the only one looking for fish:

And neither of us was disappointed:

Koi Pond

Looking at it now, remembering that it was used as a swimming pool during World War I remains a distant remnant from what it resembles now.

Lath Designed Ceiling

From outside, the lath design looks unassuming; but from the inside, the brilliance of the design resonates and radiates its clearness.

Since I’m not a Horticulturist, I don’t know many of the plants names– either the common name or the botanical monikers.

However, if I ever saw a plant where the name fit the plant so well, this is it:

Medusa’s Head

Meet “Medusa’s Head.”

It’s not often that a botanical garden gives visitors the chance to touch the exhibits, but here it’s encouraged:

Please Touch

For many years, the Botanical Garden’s sponsors have been criticized for hosting an enclosed garden in the middle of the City of San Diego’s already established tropical beauty–its climate is temperate so why ensconce a garden inside when they can flourish and grow outside?

Here’s why:

Walking through paradise

Because by just entering the Botanical Building and being able to walk down its short paths, looking up at its magnificent ceiling, seeing how the landscape architecture was delicately constructed, and being able to bask in the surroundings is priceless and a once in a lifetime opportunity.

San Diego’s Botanical Building is a great place while Travelin’ Local, to relax and just get away from it all, if only for a few minutes.

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