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Sustainability LA Style – Raising Chickens

Dec 17, 2010 by Lisa Newton

The overarching concept of being “Sustainable” is being able to be self-sufficient with all the resources one uses living wherever they live. For example, recycling your own water, growing your own food, generating your own power, and so forth. You get the idea.

Another large concept and idea that’s propelling the concept and implementation of sustainability is being eco-friendly when it comes to the environment and to lessen our carbon footprints. This, obviously, is a complicated topic and much has and is still being both written about it as well as implementing it–but it’s as simple as riding your bike to your destination vs. using your automobile to lessen CO2 emissions.

One area that is easy to implement is to grow your own food–including fruits and vegetables.

But, have you ever thought about raising chickens?

Surprisingly, Los Angeles is a chicken friendly city.

In fact, based on our zoning laws, in many cities and unincorporated areas in LA County, you can raise an unlimited amount of chickens as long as they’re at least 20 feet within the borders of the owner’s residence, and no more than 35 feet from another dwelling other than the owner’s property.

And people in LA are raising chickens with great results and benefits:

  • Farm-fresh eggs right from the backyard (even organic, if you want)
  • Reduce garbage by eating your leftovers mixed in with their feed
  • Removing those irritating caterpillars without destroying your vegetable garden.
  • An excellent composting aid via their waste
  • Trimming your own grass and weeds
  • And the amusement of impressing your friends with an interesting new pet Source: LATimes

Upon doing a little bit of research, I did find out that if you do a lot of work yourself, raising chickens can also be cost effective.

Although, this isn’t for everyone, it is indeed becoming more and more acceptable and necessary. And, although I’m an apartment dweller, raising chickens isn’t in my near future, but if you own a house, they might be something that you would want to consider for a variety of reasons.

If you don’t live in LA, and want to know about the chicken laws where you live, here’s a great link.

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6 Responses to “Sustainability LA Style – Raising Chickens”

  1. Karen @ Pledging for Change says:

    It’s such a wonderful thought that city dwellers are rearing chickens.If you have the space why not plant a few small trees for them as they love to climb and hide in them especially to keep safe from those town foxes!
    Karen @ Pledging for Change´s last blog ..Protecting The Home With Feng ShuiMy ComLuv Profile


    Lisa Newton Reply:

    @Karen @ Pledging for Change, If I lived in a house, I would seriously think about raising chickens. From my research, most people who take the plunge, love it.


    Karen @ Pledging for Change Reply:

    @Lisa Newton, Hi Lisa
    I would raise them too but I have two adorable Jack Russels and somehow Im not sure they would mix very well.
    Karen @ Pledging for Change´s last blog ..Protecting The Home With Feng ShuiMy ComLuv Profile


    Lisa Newton Reply:

    @Karen @ Pledging for Change, Your own “town foxes?”

    Karen @ Pledging for Change Reply:

    @Lisa Newton,
    Talking about my own town foxes… our garden overlooks the communal playing field and foxes regularly visit, Just the other night my Jack Russel “Penny” ( the very naughty one) got out throught the fence and was runing around the filed playing with a fox. I couldnt believe my eyes and at first I was very worried in case the fox attacked her. But it didnt. The field was deep in snow and it was a clear sky with bright moon so we could see really clearly. I tell you it was beautiful.
    I think between the two of them if we had chickens they would have had quite a field day.????
    Karen @ Pledging for Change´s last blog ..Protecting The Home With Feng ShuiMy ComLuv Profile


    Lisa Newton Reply:

    @Karen @ Pledging for Change, What a picture your story paints. Thanks for the wonderful visual so early in the morning.

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