Los Angeles and Cities for Cycling

Jun 16, 2010 by Lisa Newton

In 1995, the then Commissioner of New York City’s Department of Transportation, Elliot Sander, with the support of then USDOT Deputy Secretary Mortimer Downey, reached out to their counterparts in Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Philadelphia. In early 1996, the cities came together for the first time in Washington, DC for a series of meetings resulting in the formation of the National Association of City Transportation Officials, which is the parent organization for Cities for Cycling.  Today’s Cities for Cycling includes the following cities:

Los Angeles
New York
San Francisco
Washington, DC

In order to make urban bicycling safer, more comfortable and more convenient, Cities for Cycling initiated an initial Emerging Best Practices Sheets that includes:

Based on the above documents, “Cities for Cycling and NACTO seek to create a comprehensive Urban Bikeway Design Guide which will have two major final products: a web-based version that includes a platform for discussion and information exchange, and a printed summary that will be updated regularly.”

This is so important considering that according to the just released National Bicycling and Walking Study, over the last 15 years, biking and walking have increased in both the number of users:

And the amount of Federal Funding:

Because Los Angeles is a forward thinking city, and is getting closer each day to becoming a a more bicycling and walking friendly city the timing couldn’t be more urgent to implement these measures, as the recent devastating oil spill, global warming, and the high price of carbon, means that the traditional use of solely cars for transportation has probably seen its better days.

So with the right funding, the necessary political will, and the requisite desire to change, now is the time for LA to “be” “the” best bike-friendly city in the nation. (Or at least try to be.)

One way to show your support for cycling and increasing its popularity in LA, is to participate in LA City Councilman, Tom LaBonge’s, 2010 Summer Bike Rides.

The first of the six planned Wednesday night rides start this evening on the First St. steps of Los Angeles City Hall at 5:30pm. Tonight’s ride tours both downtown Los Angeles and USC. Future rides highlight portions of Councilman Tom LaBonge’s district.

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