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Colorful Wildflowers are blooming in Antelope Valley

Apr 15, 2010 by Lisa Newton

Recently I was on facebook looking at my homepage, when I saw some of the most fantastic shots of the California Wildflowers I had ever seen. From that point my mission was clear–I just had to get in touch with the photographer.

Loree Mcconnell, one of my facebook friends, is the photographer who took these stunning photographs, and through the course of our communications and conversations, I asked her if she would guest post on Travelin’ Local to share her wildflower story. She graciously accepted my offer for which I feel that we’re all a bit luckier, to hear her musings and experiences.

So that’s the background of how things came to pass and came to be, so let’s make room to hear Loree tell us her thoughts, emotions, and understanding of the Colorful Wildflowers that are blooming in Antelope Valley:


I love thunderstorms. As a Southern girl, I spent my summers sitting on the front porch with my father watching the storms pass. When I arrived in Los Angeles 16 years ago, it was the rain that I missed the most. So it goes without saying that the winter of 2010 was a dream come true for me. Hail! Lightning! Thunder! Oh my!

But the best part of those storms is the California Wildflowers.

Drive north out of LA on I-5, and you’ll see the beginnings of rolling hills covered in deep yellows, oranges, and purples.

While this area is beautiful, head even further east on Highway 138, because the best is yet to come. It’s on Highway 138 where the brilliance of the colors are overwhelmingly gorgeous.

There are striking areas of solid yellows, purples, and oranges. But my personal favorites are the hillsides where the colors all blended in an amalgam of the swirling and striking show of nature’s beauty.

After about 20 miles on Highway 138, turn south on 170th street, and get your camera and walking shoes ready! The flowers are so overwhelming in certain areas that your jaw will drop. If you’re an avid walker there are a few dirt roads that are excellent locations to walk around, take photos, and enjoy the exquisiteness of the environment. From the car we saw three main flowers, but as you walk among the fields, you’ll see a multitude of different varieties.

There are many websites that show information about the flowers you’ll be seeing. One such site is listed below.

We packed a picnic and sat among the flowers. As we ate, we watched the wind blow through the flowers and marveled at the beauty of the movement. One friend accurately noted that it looked like the fields were on Fast Forward.

The actual Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve is close by (you’ll see signs), but we didn’t attempt to enter because we were on a fairly strict time schedule. I understand, however, that they sell videos, displays, and have a gift shop. It’s probably worth a stop if you have the time.

Know before you go:

  • The flowers generally bloom from Mid-February through Mid-May.
  • There is a $500 fine for picking any flower.
  • Bring a jacket.
  • The winds can be biting.

Below are some links that may be of interest to you.

Wildflower Reports: This site has a meter to show the intensity of the flowers on any given day. As of April 13, it was rated a 7 out of 10.

California State Parks:  This is the site for the Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve, which includes prices and relevant information.

Desert Plants and Wildflowers:  This link lists the types of flowers you’ll be seeing.


I’d like to thank Loree for taking the time for her meaningful and deep insight into how we can enjoy the beauty around us while we’re Travelin’ Local.

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