10 Rainy Day Activities to do in Los Angeles

Dec 11, 2009 by Lisa Newton

If the weather forecasts are to be believed—yes, they’ve gotten better over the years– Los Angeles is due to have a quite a few rain showers; and overall, a wet weekend.

Travelin’ Local’s mission is to write about, and focus our stories on the positive side of things, so we’ve prepared a list of fun things to do, and places to see while Travelin’ Local, when “sunny” Los Angeles, may not always be so sunny—especially when it’s raining:

1. Go to a museum – Los Angeles is a Mecca for museums; from the traditional Los Angeles County Museum of Art to the more specialized George C. Page Museum. Going to a museum is a great way to spend a rainy weekend, and you can attend many for free:

2. Get a WorkoutIndoor workouts, either one you’ve designed yourself or one you use at an indoor gym are perfect. How about starting the 100 Push up Challenge? Or maybe you’d like a change of pace and want an indoor swim. Los Angeles has plenty of opportunities for that as well.

View Los Angeles Swimming Pools in a larger map

3. See a Movie – Although not a novel idea, new movies open up almost every weekend, and Los Angeles has some great old movie theatres to catch the latest flick.

Hollywood & Highland Center

4. Shop till you Drop, and then shop some more – During the holiday season—and for the rest of the year–it’s always great to go to the mall. Maybe you’ve already finished your holiday shopping, but  window shopping or people watching are fun activities to do at the mall or at other shopping streets, areas, and boutique stores.

LA’s Local Shopping Malls

5. Enjoy a cup of hot chocolate – The LAist just did a wonderful article on the best hot chocolate places in the metro area. On a cold rainy morning, a nice warm cup of hot chocolate really hits the spot.

Los Angeles Central Library

6. Visit your local library – Finding a nice quiet corner, curling up with a classic, and settling down for a few hours is a wonderful way to pass a rainy afternoon. For many bibliophiles, it’s not just for rainy weather—but makes for a way of life.

Visit your local library

7. Go the Auto Show – Now featured at LA Live, the Los Angeles Auto Show is everything and anything car related–featuring hybrids to hot-rods, and events from children events to concept cars, it’s all there.

8. Treat Yourself to a Spa Treatment –taking care of yourself, or rather having others do the same, is the name of the game. In no particular order, here are a few you might check out:

1. Thibiant Beverly Hills Day Spa

2. Kinara Spa

3. Glen Ivy Hot Springs

4. Ona Spa

5. The Argyle Salon & Spa

6. Burke Williams Day Spa

7. Hankook Sauna & Spa

8. Le Petite Retreat

9. Pho Siam Thai Spa

10. The Spa At Palazzo

9. Go to a Restaurant – Enjoying a meal at your favorite and cozy restaurant while someone else does the cooking and dishes, with the sound of rain outside, relaxes the soul and creates the perfect atmosphere for romance and enlightening conversation.

Next Door Pizza

10. Stay at home – I’m a big fan of just staying home. Maybe this is the weekend to start your “spring” cleaning, or to finish that long overdue work project, or even to fix that broken shelf in your kitchen. Whatever that thing “may” be on your to-do list, rain has a way of making staying at home, even better.

Although “sunny” CA isn’t too sunny today, there are still lots of things to do while Travelin’ Local.

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