Yesterday’s Pot of Gold in Santa Monica

Apr 13, 2010 by Lisa Newton

Although fleeting, between the short rain showers we had yesterday, a glorious rainbow sprouted above Santa Monica’s skyline. Most of the time, only part of a rainbow is visible; but yesterday, the rainbow’s entire array of colors was on display.

As rainbows are well known for their brevity, this one disappeared not long after it formed. Nonetheless, while it was visible, seeing nature’s wonders never cease to amaze.

Viewing a rainbow is quite a subjective thing, and typically no two people see rainbows the same way, so my camera also had an “eye” of its own.

Looking at the photo above, we see a “shooting’ rainbow like a rocket fired from the ground, which is also reminiscent of the lights from a movie’s grand opening; and the multi-tinted colors of the rainbow united with the sun, created images of golden and magical Palm Trees seemingly arching and reaching for the top of the world.

The foreground and horizon remind us of the ocean, while the plant life in the foreground merge for a moment in time that’s ephemeral, but real.

Travelin’ Local is about appreciating the beauty all around us, even for a shorter time than we may wish for–but wish we will.

Because as short as it was gorgeous, yesterday’s there was a “Pot of Gold” in Santa Monica.

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