Water, Boats, and a Camera

Jan 07, 2009 by Lisa Newton

If you’ve ever travel in or to Los Angeles, try to take a short trip to Marina Del Rey. I went there today and discovered boats, not just regular boats, but yachts. Slip after slip was filled with sail boats, houseboats, small boats, and big boats. Because it was a weekday, not too much activity was going on, but I just loved the calmness of the day.

Smooth Sailing

With water, the element of reflection comes into each picture. Because I’m quite new to this, I’m usually focused intently on my subject matter, what I want to be in the frame, making sure the picture is level, or looking at the lighting or the action, I often forget about the picture’s inherent artistic and emotive reflection–until I come home and actually take my time to look at what I’ve shot.

Reflection on the Water

Although this is a place for people with a lot of green, everyone is welcome, proven by the various forms of transportation available.

Different modes of transportation

I wasn’t the only one outside today. In fact, I ran into a few people on the Walkway; and these two gentlemen with their dog were also enjoying a relaxing day at the harbor. I think they both appeared conspicuously amused and curious as why a woman on her bike was taking pictures of them but clearly they didn’t mind and were enjoying themselves. However, I do wish the dog had shown me a better side.

Hey, guys whatcha doin'?

I’ll leave you with this wide expanse of boats–Have you ever owned a boat? Do you want to?

I hope you enjoyed my little jaunt to Marina Del Rey. Until next time, when I feature a little known walking trail at Ballona Lagoon, be safe, happy, and take a little time to relax by Travelin’ Local.

Marina Del Rey

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4 Responses to “Water, Boats, and a Camera”

  1. Kim says:

    It looks like such a beautiful day there!!! And you really did capture a great set of photos!!

    Kim’s last blog post..Wordless Wednesday- Mom, I want to wallk alone


  2. LisaNewton says:

    I loved the day, and felt so relaxed. Do you feel like that when you’re taking pictures?


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