Walking your Neighborhood

Posted on October 27th, 2009 at 8:45 pm by Lisa Newton

Yesterday, LAStreetsblog featured the“20-minute neighborhood,” as a place where you can meet all of your daily needs within a 20-minute radious, preferably on foot.

The phrase "20-minute living" has been credited to a development firm, Gerding Edlen, based in Portland, whose goal is to build projects that provide "all of the necessary and enjoyable things that make life great," including open spaces, grocery stores, workplaces, libraries, events, and schools, within 20 minutes of the home.  As the firm’s website notes, "twenty minutes on foot is ideal, but 20 minutes by transit, bike or even auto is a reasonable goal.

Remarkably– as Hidden LA recently pointed out—Los Angeles is ranked 9th on Walkscore’s list of America’s Most Walkable Cities. To further illustrate LA’s raison d’être, we’ll feature local zip codes to illustrate both their rating, and walkability rankings:


Like the picture above.

90291’s Walkability Score is 77 out of 100 – Very Walkable



90012’s Walkability Score 80 out of 100 – Very Walkable



90731’s Walkability Score is 83 out of 100 – Very Walkable

Of course, not all areas rank high:



90068: 17 out of 100 – Car Dependant

For your neighborhood’s ranking just take a look. Many of us are already living the “20-minute neighborhood” dream. The truth of the matter, is that in order to accomplish this lifestyle–in our urban sprawl– takes planning, time, effort, sometimes money; but most important of all—the desire and will to want to live a more sustainable life is what’s at the top of the list.

Although Travelin’ Local features many walking maps covering a wide range of things to do, and places to go—as this story illustrates, walking isn’t limited to “tours.” If you’re ready to change your lifestyle and life, what are you waiting for?

I know I’m ready; are you ready to “Walk your Neighborhood?”

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