Walkin’ Santa Monica Boulevard in Beverly Hills

Posted on January 19th, 2009 at 4:19 am by LisaNewton

Located in the heart of Beverly Hills is a park many people tend to take for granted. Bordering the ever traffic laden Santa Monica Boulevard sits the Beverly Garden Park.

Interspersed and conjunctive, for almost two miles, are celebrities, residents, joggers, bikers, drivers of trucks, Rolls Royce’s, 1997 Toyotas, and every other type of transportation is conjoined with the sites, open spaces, and beauty of a cactus garden, walking trail, statues, and flowers. Typically going unnoticed by most, especially by Los Angelino drivers, the beautiful and inviting Beverly Garden Park is best enjoyed on foot or bike.

However, even driving past in a car, these flowers can catch your eye. Taller than my 5’10’ frame and with bold colors, these tulips are unique.

Guarding the flowers is statue of a dancing four-legged animal, ready to strike at a moment’s notice. He, like the other statues in the park, adds flair and spark to an otherwise dull day.

On the right, this statue is titled Hunter and Hounds, and it has an interesting history. A banker (W.D. Longyear) went to France to visit the spot where his son was killed in World War 1. At the site, near the Chateau Thierry, he saw this statue, riddled with bullet holes from the battle. In 1925, he bought the statue and had it shipped back to Beverly Hills, where it stood on his front lawn for many years. Memorial ceremonies were held at the statue each Armistace Day. When the Longyears moved from Beverly Hills, they donated the statue to the city. It was placed here in Beverly Gardens Park. Source: Seeing Stars

I spent a total of 40 minutes in only a ½ mile stretch of this park, and was amazed at each step–something new was just done the straightaway.

Beverly Hills may be known for many things, but I don’t think parks is at the top of the list, however, I hope after this post, you see Beverly Hills not only as a Mecca for the rich and famous, but also for its possibilities as a place of relaxation, walking, and sightseeing other than a Map of the Stars.

Having only touched on 25% of Beverly Garden Park, I’ll be making another visit. Next time, I think I’ll ride my bike, taking full advantage of the trail.

Until then, where are you Travelin’ Local?

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