Visiting Los Angeles in June via January

Jun 16, 2009 by Lisa Newton

Because of the Mediterranean climate Los Angeles is fortunate to have, I’d like to retour and recap a few places Travelin’ Local visited in January. You won’t find any snow in any of these articles.

Graffiti Cone

Graffiti is Art

Today, my mission was to find the Venice Art Walls. It’s legal graffiti art, requiring each artist to obtain a permit—essentially murals, to be more exacting.

“Pursuant to LA’s city permits, as of June 3, 2007 anyone who wants to paint on the walls needs to apply for and obtain the requisite approvals. If you don’t, [...]


The Treasured Sculpture Garden Gem at UCLA

Hidden in the back of UCLA’s beautiful campus is a little known, but highly relaxing area known as the Franklin D. Murphy Sculpture Garden, which was dedicated in 1967, after the first acquisitions were installed.

The Sculpture Garden features over seventy sculptures by artists including Jean Arp, Alexander Calder, Claire Falkenstein, Barbara Hepworth, Gaston Lachaise, Jacques [...]

Tulips Galore

Walkin’ Santa Monica Boulevard in Beverly Hills

Located in the heart of Beverly Hills is a park many people tend to take for granted. Bordering the ever traffic laden Santa Monica Boulevard sits the Beverly Garden Park.

Interspersed and conjunctive, for almost two miles, are celebrities, residents, joggers, bikers, drivers of trucks, Rolls Royce’s, 1997 Toyotas, and every other type of transportation [...]

A Study in Black and White

I love black and white photographs. The contrasts between the colors and the shades of grey draw me into the lair of the subject. As a matter of fact, the winner of the Digital Photography School’s best 2008 photo contest was a black and white picture.

Although shooting in black and white is somewhat new to to me, I know my passion for it is matched by the greats—Ansel Adams, Brassei, Alfred Stieglitz, Henri Cartier-Bresson, etc. So my visit to the Mildred E. Mathias Botanical Garden located on the UCLA campus, put my black and white shots to the test.

How old is this tree?

Can you relax at UCLA?

Yesterday was a beautiful day here in Los Angeles (80º and sunny), so in the afternoon, I hopped on my bike and rode to the UCLA campus. Although I had passed by this garden a couple of weeks ago in my car, I was to stop because I couldn’t see where the entrance was; and a few days later, when I drove there again I couldn’t stay because finding parking was hopeless.[...]

Ballona CreekCalifornian’s Want Wetlands

At the turn of the century, during the rainy season, Ballona Creek and several other small streams would be transformed into torrents as they carried the collected water from the Los Angeles watershed area to the Santa Monica Bay. It would flood large areas of the Los Angeles basin, and the creek’s course shifted as flooding carved new paths through the land. [...]

Marina del Rey

Water, Boats, and a Camera

If you’ve ever traveled in or to Los Angeles, try to take a short trip to Marina Del Rey. I went there today and discovered boats, not just regular boats, but yachts. Slip after slip was filled with sail boats, houseboats, small boats, and big boats. Because it was a weekday, not too much activity [...]

I hope you enjoyed Travelin’ Local in January.

Travelin’ Local is a great way to relax, have fun, and save money. Our weather is temperate year-round and we have no shortage of things to do and places to see, for those of you living in the colder climates.

And for those of you living in Southern California, it’s a staycation all the way. J

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6 Responses to “Visiting Los Angeles in June via January”

  1. Paisley (Paisley Thoughts) says:

    I read all the posts. It felt like catching up. I found the Treasured Sculpture Garden and Graffiti posts interesting (very). Your water photos are lovely and I enjoy black and white.

    Paisley (Paisley Thoughts)’s last blog post..Carrying Flowers


    LisaNewton Reply:

    @Paisley (Paisley Thoughts), Thank you, Paisley. It means a lot to me that you enjoyed the articles. I really loved taking the pictures, and back in January, I didn’t have too much traffic so it’s a great way to share them again. :)


  2. Diane C. says:

    What a feast of Travelin’ Local eye candy! The one that caught my attention first was the black and white outdoor bench seating of the Nest classroom.

    Diane C.’s last blog post..Cactus Monday – More Saguaro Fruit


    LisaNewton Reply:

    @Diane C., “eye candy,” I like that phrase. Surprisingly I loved doing the black and white, but I haven’t done another B&W article since that one.

    Maybe it’s time. :)


  3. David says:

    Lisa, thanks for the recap summary. I think that your article, “Californian’s Want Wetlands” is a masterpiece of local journalism.

    Ballona Wetlands is such a wonderful place.


    LisaNewton Reply:

    @David, I loved writing that article, but more importantly, I loved walking the trail. It was one of the best trails I’ve seen so far, and I haven’t even finished it, yet.


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