Travelin’ Local visits Long Island, New York

May 12, 2009 by Lisa Newton

Today’s feature story, along with photographs, is provided courtesy of the inimitable and hugely talented, Kim Pace, of Kim Pace Photography, from Long Island, New York.

Round Bench

Before I provide Kim’s biography in her own words, I feel compelled to provide readers with my interpretation of her amazing and visually stunning photography.

Her images always have a fine touch of humanity, with technical grace and sophistication, but always tell us—the viewers–a story, at a time in space, and a space in time, reserved for only a few select artists like Kim, who are able to produce a palette of colors, light, line, and hue, with her fine selection of both subject and topic; finely textured and wrapped within a single image.


For that, alone, I’m in awe of Kim. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that we share a lot in common:

Both of us are mothers, professionals, and photographers. Although we live on opposite sides of the coasts, our common passion of the photographic and written arts is the least of our similarities. It’s the glue that makes us relate to one another. It’s a journey that I hope to share with Kim for a long, long time.

About Kim Pace

Photography has been an act of discovery for me. I shoot with my heart and try to capture the tiny moments that create a story. As a mother to two young boys I know all too well how fast time flies. I try to carry my camera at all times so I can capture the perfect moments and the not so perfect moments. Happy accidents are usually the best photos.

Bayard Cutting Arboretum

This spring season has not been very kind for us Long Islanders.  It appears that April Showers theory was being put to very good use.  Sitting around last Wednesday night I turned to my husband and confessed, “I really need a day with my camera.”  So, last Thursday on my day off from work I decided after dropping the kids off at daycare I was going to take the entire morning and shoot.

My husband suggested the The Bayard Cutting Arboretum.  Living on Long Island my entire life it is sad to say I have never been to this park. I arrived at 10:00 when they opened and did not leave until a little after noon.  If I had brought some snacks to munch on I can assure you I would have stayed longer.  It was that beautiful.

Green Fields

The weather was a cool 70, and the flowers and trees where still waking up from the winter, but what filled me with joy was the pure peace I was at just wondering around a new place.

Pink Blossoms

The Bayard Cutting Arboretum is a New York State Park which comprises approximately 690 acres along the Connetquot River.

Low Flyer

The Bayard Cutting Arboretum, was donated to the Long Island State Park Region by Mrs. William Bayard Cutting and her daughter, Mrs. Olivia James, in memory of William Bayard Cutting,

Along with the Bayard Cutting Arboretum, there’s also a 5 nature walk throughout its grounds.

Lake Reflections

Upon the family’s philanthropic donation, they stated the following as their main reason for such a huge and generous civic donation:

Fence and Flowers

"To provide an oasis of beauty and quiet for the pleasure, rest and refreshment of those who delight in outdoor beauty; and to bring about a greater appreciation and understanding of the value and importance of informal planting."

Walking Trail

No matter the city or town that you currently reside in, by Travelin’ Local, Kim has shown us her neighborhood in a breathtaking manner during her respite from her daily routine.

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14 Responses to “Travelin’ Local visits Long Island, New York”

  1. Alik Levin | says:

    Great pictures!
    Both the quality and the composition.

    Alik Levin |’s last blog post..Apply 80/20 Principle – Focus On Stuff That Matters


  2. Lance says:

    I love the bench shot at the top – with the focus through the circle is really a unique shot!

    And this whole state park looks like a great place to spend some time exploring nature – awesome shots of all of it!

    It’s nice to meet you, Kim, and continue to enjoy all the Long Island has to offer…


  3. Kim says:

    Lisa, you have left me speechless with your review (which is quite a feet if you ask my husband) :)

    Thank you for allowing to share photos of Long Island on your blog. I am truly honored.

    And thank you to the really nice comments on the post!!!

    Kim’s last blog post..Wordless Wednesday – My Little Performer


  4. Amanda Zika says:

    I loved reading this. I know Kim from an online forum and her work is breathtaking. She definitely has “the eye” for photography. Great photos and review. ~Amanda Zika~


  5. Paisley (Paisley Thoughts) says:

    These photos are so real I actually feeling refreshed. I’m always amazed at how lovely the world is. Does anybody know what that stunning tree is called? I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like it. Thank you.

    Paisley (Paisley Thoughts)’s last blog post..Cheap and Cheerful


  6. David says:

    Kim, I have only one word to describe your absolutely stunning photographs:


    I love New York City, but now I’ve got to go to Long Island, due in no small part, to what I’ve just seen through your eyes.


  7. Jannie Funster says:

    A gorgeous feast for hungry eyes and soul are those photos.

    The grape hyacinths to me are a mini mountain range.

    Happy, happy, happy accidents, indeed!!

    This has made my day. Thanks.

    Jannie Funster’s last blog post..Ordering The Funsterment


  8. Diane C. says:

    Kim, I was thrilled to visit Bayard Cutting Arboretum through your beautiful images. No matter that it was your first visit. I have a feeling that you will be going there again and again, and you will enjoy seeing it change through the seasons.

    Diane C.’s last blog post..Change is the Only Constant


  9. Rob Goldman says:

    I am incredibly proud of you, Kim! Never, ever, ever surrender your dreams! Don’t worry…I won’t let you :-)


  10. Patricia says:

    Stunning pictures and introduction and how lovely to have a friend
    Thank you for sharing this glorious post…
    I do love flowers

    Patricia’s last blog post..Dawn and Release


  11. LisaNewton says:

    @ Kim I love the photos you took. I feel like I’m right there with you. Your colors, composition, and subjects are wonderful. I’m so happy you accepted my invitation to guest post………….:)

    @ Everyone else Thank you so much for all of your comments on Kim’s Long Island. I’m so happy to have incredible guest posters who share a little part of their Travelin’ Local adventures.


  12. Lisa's Chaos says:

    Wow Kim that is a beautiful place! I say next time you feel the urge to stick your nose to the camera you go back and find more beauty! Very nice!

    Lisa’s Chaos’s last blog post..Bright and Beautiful


  13. Kevin says:

    Kim, thanks for showing us a beautiful location, excellent photography really makes it come to life.

    Lisa, I love these guest posts. We may not be able to visit every location that is featured but through the eyes of others we can enjoy them at home!

    Kevin’s last blog post..Nivernais and Loire Valley Skies


  14. Mike Foster says:

    Wow, these shots are gorgeous. I am from New England and these photos remind me a lot of how beautiful Back East can be, especially springtime.


    Mike Foster’s last blog post..We Have A Winner!


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