Travelin’ Local visits the East Coast

A major part of the focus of Travelin’ Local is Southern California, particularly Los Angeles, because I happen to live here. However, another side of Travelin’ Local is also that our neighborhoods are part of who we are, what we do, and how we enjoy life. We all live in diverse places, each with a character all its own. On weekends, we might go to a local hang-out, watering hole, local park, participate in a local event, spend time with our family, or find that perfect local book or video store to haul back our wares to our nests.

We might live and die in the same neighborhood, or we might move from place to place. Maybe your neighborhood is a military base in Iraq—unfortunately but thankfully enough we appreciate it–or a suburb in Chicago. Maybe you’re Travelin’ outside your neighborhood visiting friends or family, seeing a different neighborhood’s sites and sounds. Even, of course, internationally!

This last week I happened to be visiting family in Maryland, specifically, Columbia and, of course I took my camera. The weather went from very cold to cold to snow. Having lived for the majority of my life either in the Midwest or East Coast, cold weather isn’t anything new to me; however, it’s said that once you get used to living in a warm weather climate, going cold again, is difficult. I can attest to that fact.

I’m back home in Los Angeles now, and although I loved the trip and visiting family is fantastic, my feet (which spent the last week continuously cold) feel much better now that I’m back.

Therefore, in the spirit of Travelin’ Local, I’m sharing a few photographs which are the polar opposite—no pun intended–from the beach, but no less appealing:

Ranked by CNN Money as the one of the 8th Best Places to Live in 2008, Columbia Maryland, is a planned community. In this day and age, I’m not sure exactly what that entails or means, but I can tell you that the Columbia Association did a great job of organizing a walking/biking trail that spans much of the city. Both of these pictures were taken within a very small section of one such trail.

Tomorrow’s blog post will feature some more pictures of this same section of the trail; but with the difference being an additional 1.5inches of snow that fell during the day!

Once in a while, I miss the snow, but after a week in Maryland, during some of the coldest weather they’ve had in a while, I can tell you, I don’t miss the cold—it feels good to be back in sunny Southern California.

How is the cold treating you all this winter? Have you done any Travelin’ Local?

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Walkin’ Santa Monica Boulevard in Beverly Hills It’s snowing at Travelin’ Local

4 comments so far

  1. sarah

    Highs are supposed to get into the 40s tomorrow!! HEAT WAVE!


  2. LisaNewton

    Oh, sure, now you get a heat wave, after I leave…………………:)


  3. Lance

    Hi Lisa,
    Now these pictures feel more like home to me! Although there’s still a lack of snow! The jungle gym picture - I like this one - it’s like you’re looking through a tunnel. That view is very neat…. Looking forward to the snow pictures (wait…I can get that looking out my window! — looking forward to some nice sunny Calif pictures!!)

    Lance’s last blog post..As Real As It Gets


  4. LisaNewton

    @Lance LOL………………..I’m sure you can see the snow outside your window, but for me, I missed it, plus it was the great kind of wet snow that sticks to everything. Sunny CA pictures coming soon, although it’s raining here today……………….:(


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