Top 4 Fried Foods at the Fair

Aug 06, 2010 by Lindsay Pullin

I go to fairs for two reasons:

  1. To see baby piglets
  2. To eat fried foods

This past Sunday was no exception, as I found both at the Orange County Fair. Here’s some of my favorite fried fair food (best enjoyed in the company of piglets).

1. Zucchini weenie: A twist on the traditional corn dog, a personal favorite of mine, this adds some healthy green veggies into the mix. I kid, there’s nothing healthy about injecting a hot dog into the skin of a zucchini and then deep frying it in batter, but the zucchini does add a refreshing snap when you dig in in. Worth trying, although I’d take a traditional corn dog over this weenie.

2. Deep fried Oreos:They’re best eaten with your hands or with a fork though, because these puppies are deep fried, sprinkled with powder sugar and drizzled with chocolate. I had a hard time waiting for them to cool down sufficiently to eat them, and let me stress that putting deep fried anything in your mouth is a bad idea when it’s still sizzling.

3. Deep fried butter: First off, I have to admit I couldn’t bring myself to try deep fried butter. I am a deep fried fanatic, but the image of eating a stick of butter made my heart shudder. It made the list because of its outrageously decadent existence, and fabulous ad campaigns around the fair. “Fortified with Butter” or the “Coronary Combo” (deep fried butter and chocolate covered bacon!) And there was no lack of customers surrounding these booths. Out of curiosity, I asked about the deep fried butter and found out that it’s actually deep fried dough, similar to a churro, injected with butter. Moderately better imagery than taking a stick of butter and dipping it into the fryer, right?

4. My new favorite: Mexican Funnel Cake: So I asked the guys at one of the deep fried bacon booths what food they would recommend (obviously, they are gourmands), and they, without pause, told me to get a Mexican Funnel Cake. How is it different? Instead of the usual deep fried dough, the funnel cake consists of churro, with the traditional cinnamon and sugar coating, and topped with whipped cream and strawberries (This is a must.). The Mexican Funnel cake comes in at a whopping total of $11.75, but if you can eat the whole thing, it’s free. I gave it a valiant effort, but alas did not finish the entire thing on my own. It is the stuff of deep fried food fantasy.

If you’re looking for some alternatives to fried food at the fair, there’s no shortage. Clean your pallet with some delicious bbq-ed corn on the cob (dip this in butter and then hold on tight, it’s comical when it slips through your hands but so sad when it hits the ground), ice cream, Greek food, home made potato chips, cinnamon rolls, ice cream, cotton candy (a good treat for sitting in the bleachers while watching the Alaskan pig races).

Of course there is a multitude of other deep fried delicacies that I didn’t mention but that should never go unnoticed (deep fried twinkies, deep fried avocado, etc). And if anyone was brave enough to eat the deep fried butter, please let me know how that went for you.

An aside: Sunday July 25th marked the birth of 6 more piglets. They were 4 hours old by the time I saw them, and walking and wagging their curly tails already. They were also eying my chocolate dipped soft serve cone, better luck next time Piglets.

I knew it was a successful trip to the fair when I broke a sweat while eating.

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