The Top 6 Ski Resorts within 2 Hours of Los Angeles

Jan 24, 2010 by Lisa Newton

If its raining in Los Angeles, chances are its snowing somewhere close by in the mountains. What does snow in the mountains mean?

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When I was about 16 years old, the Explorers troop I belonged to decided to go on a skiing trip. Never having been skiing before, when you’re 16 and get to go on an overnight trip to a ski resort, you jump at the chance.

Snow Summit Mountain Resort

As soon as we got there, we got our lift tickets, skis, boots, and were good to go. Of course, among the group there were a few intermediate skiers who immediately went to the more advanced hill. A couple of friends and I, who were the beginners, headed for the “Bunny Slope,” using the rope climb to get there.

After my first look, I thought that it wouldn’t be very difficult to “ski.” I thought, “No big deal, just hold on while the rope does the work.”

Little did I know.

It took me several times to even be able to hang on the rope to get to the top, where after reaching it, my skis fell off. After I put them back on, they fell off again. Of course, never having skied before, I had no lessons, no instructions, and knew next to nothing about skiing, expect what I saw on TV and on the Slopes.

After finally reaching the top of the hill, there’s only a couple of choices left when you’re at the top with skis on.

Snow Valley Resort

Why go down of course, which is exactly what I did, I went straight down the hill.

But, when one has no experience skiing, how do you stop?

I didn’t think of the answer to this very important question, until I was half way down the hill, which is too late to ponder such basics.

So, I did what any normal person would do; I started waving my hands, ski poles and all in the air, while shouting, “Get out of my way!! I can’t stop!!”

Of course, I did come to a stop, by falling down hard. Nothing was hurt except my pride. Then someone showed me about moving my skis back and forth, in order to slow down and stop.

I then gave it a try, using my new-found beginner’s pose.

Mountain High Resort

The next thing I knew, I was back at the rope climb to try again. By the end of the night, I could get up the hill and down the hill without falling. What started out as a night to forget, ended up being a night of hard work, which ended with a huge smile on my face.

Anybody who really knows me wouldn’t expect anything else. By the next morning before we left, I hit the “Bunny Slope,” for a few more hours. I didn’t graduate to any other hill, but felt good at my new found accomplishment.

However, since that weekend a long time ago, I haven’t skied subsequently. But not because I haven’t wanted to, rather, I haven’t had the opportunity to continue my previous exploit since that time.

My story is a lead in to let you know that one of the great things about living in Los Angeles, is that we’re less than 120 miles from 6 top ski/snowboard resorts. After the recent rain in the city–which creates fresh snow in the mountains–means that the powder is ready for all local skiers to rip up the slopes.

Here’s the list:

1. Mount Baldy

2. Mountain High

3. Snow Valley

4. Mount Waterman

5. Bear Mountain Resort

6. Snow Summit Mountain Resort

Here’s a map to help you find your way to each one. To make sure of the exact address, directions, and road conditions, click the links above.

View 6 Ski Resorts within 120 miles of LA in a larger map

I don’t think I’ll be hitting the Slopes anytime soon, but a nice fire in the lodge accompanied by a “Hot Toddy” would be great. Also, long walks in the mountains when there’s snow can’t be beat.

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4 Responses to “The Top 6 Ski Resorts within 2 Hours of Los Angeles”

  1. Lance says:

    Skiing is just not something I associate with California! So, this is really awesome!

    Reminds me of when I was first married, and my wife and I went skiing. It was the first time for her, and we had just missed the lesson – so we decided to head up the mountain (in Colorado) to practice a bit ourselves before the next lesson…and ended up on an intermediate slope – yikes!! Somewhow she survived!!!
    Lance´s last blog ..Sunday Thought For The Day My ComLuv Profile


    LisaNewton Reply:

    @Lance, Colorado is known for some great skiing. I’m so happy you and your wife had a good time. I can imagine the picture. :)

    There was a story in yesterday’s LA Times about traffic jams at one of these ski resorts because so many people were trying to get there. The parking lots were full, all the lift tickets were sold, but people kept coming.


  2. virginia says:


    I had a similar trip when I was a young gal. We were from a poor family so we could not do any of the exiting things my friends at school were doing. But I was invited to go for a weekend with a friend and her family. Its one of my fondest memories. Thanks for jogging it to the top again.
    virginia´s last blog ..SporTube Series 3 Snowboard or Multi-Ski Travel Case My ComLuv Profile


  3. Compact Fluorescent Bulb says:

    it is always easy to find good ski resorts online, but most of them are expensive but they are great anyway :;”


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