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The Shipley Nature Center is the great “Comeback Kid”

Feb 03, 2011 by Sandy Schroeder

Over the years the Shipley Nature Center, became a dense tangle of overgrown, exotic and unkempt plants in a dying wilderness.

However, by and because of the local grass roots efforts from many people seeking change, they all joined forces from the “Bottom Up.”

And as a result, they were successfully able to effectuate the vision and preservation of the city’s “Comeback Kid;” and indeed it’s now one of Huntington Beach’s cultural treasures.

Their mission was to make sure that, due to the years of its neglect and blight, the center needed a major due-over. And because of these efforts, the Shipley Nature Center was transformed into a top notch, and flourishing nature reserve– smack dab in the heart of the city.

In fact, I was just there enjoying a leisurely jaunt among its well kept trails.

The bottom line though, to effectuate change requires a multifaceted commitment. and in this case, the shared dream is currently a reality.

And due to these efforts, now everybody can indulge themselves knowing that through these efforts, they’re able to enjoy its rolling green fields, towering trees and immaculate gardens.

Based on this, there would be no new narrative about the Shipley Nature–now at its finest!

Now, it’s currently replete with 50,000 California native plants, the addition of a natural stream drip irrigation water system, and the investment of many hours of labor.

The 18 acre Center is a treasured and favored retreat for both residents and visitors alike, and as you’ll see from this story, the “Comeback Kid” has emerged as a much needed refuge.

Everywhere you look, there’s evidence of all of the helping hands and thoughtful planning, which was essential in order to create an urban oasis amidst the chaos of everyday life.

Indeed, as I made my way along the paths, I found one carefully tended garden after another.

There’s a butterfly garden, hummingbird garden, and a Channel Island garden which has made possible its lawn water conservation garden.

Currently, many individual plots are tended to by local residents. Also of note, is that the center has a small yet intimate and inviting amphitheater, which provides a venue for the Center’s entire schedule many lectures and meetings.

Also of note, every Friday of each month, the Shipley Center hosts bird tracking meetings that all nature lovers get to participate in.

Indeed, Pelicans, Snowy Egrets and Falcons have all been spotted near Blackbird Pond.

There’s also a gift shop that sells native plants and water saving lawn advice.

So when you arrive here, there’s bubbling streams and 4,000 feet of well maintained trails for you to enjoy.

The Center is easily accessed off of Goldenwest Boulevard, which is as part of the Huntington Beach Central Park.

To be sure, the Shipley Nature Center provides a beautiful park right in the middle of the hustle and bustle of urban life.

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