The Santa Monica Stairs Walking Tour – Part 1

Jul 01, 2010 by Lisa Newton

To date, Travelin’ Local has completed three gorgeous and unique e-books, each with a particular character and feel for the enclaves and neighborhoods covered. Every one of these walking tours and e-books is a labor of love which took time, work, and dedication to plan, photograph, research and write.

Every time I find a new location, or more to the point, a series of locations that I want to share with my readers, in my mind I always take into consideration how I’ll be transfer my ideas into a finished form. In fact, that’s what usually happens– I have an idea, a specific location I think Los Angelenos will love, and therein begins my starting point to create and finish a Travelin’ Local Walking Tour e-book.

Los Angeles is geographically very spread out, so there’s a lot of places and areas that most people are not privy to. Therefore, in order to present the locations accurately, it takes a fresh attitude combined with a lot of work, research and creativity. At times, I’m both excited and overwhelmed by the possibilities.

That being said, today’s post is the beginning of a series of articles in which I’ll be your virtual tour guide for and on behalf of Travelin’ Local’s Walking Tour’s e-book–page by page.

For example, I’ll introduce you to a recent walk in Santa Monica.

To help you to enjoy and share the experience of each walking tour, and how to benefit from their information, I’ll be using Travelin’ Local’s recent 2.3 mile Stairs from Santa Monica’s Walking Tour by inserting the photos, maps, and historical context in the form of screenshots.

In case you’re not aware of this fact, Los Angeles is full of stairs–the most famous ones are located in Echo Park and Silver Lake. However, Santa Monica has a few of their own–if you know where to look.

So, let’s get started with the first four pages from Travelin’ Local’s Stairs of Santa Monica Walking Tour:

In conclusion, I’m giving our readers the “inside scoop” about the exciting process of how our Walking Tours e-books come to “life.”

At this point, I don’t exactly know how many articles will be in this series because I haven’t finished writing about all of them yet.

Our hope is that you’ll get as excited as we do when we finish each area that we cover. Suffice, then to say, that when all is said and done, I’m sure this walk is one you can enjoy by yourself or with friends and family.

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