The Samitaur Tower in Culver City – a Tribute to Design

Sep 05, 2010 by Lisa Newton

On Saturday, I took a 2010 Chevy Camaro for a spin and ended up at the corner of Hayden Avenue and National Boulevard in Culver City, to view a brand new “building.”

It looks unlike anything I’ve ever seen before!

Designed to be an “Information Tower,” the Samitaur Tower is the work of Culver City architect, Eric Moss.

At 72 feet high and 30 feet wide, the Tower, an important exception to the local height rule, is the highest building in this section of Culver City.

Made from translucent acrylic, the screens, when used, will utilize external displays to highlight upcoming events, culturally significant content, along with art and graphic presentations of all types.

As needed, all visual presentations from the white portion of the Tower will use 10 digital projectors hidden behind the screens.

Sitting atop its perch, the Information Tower overlooks the light-rail Metro Expo Line, which is expected to open in June 2011, and carry an estimated 30,000 passengers. Its visibility from the Metro and all the passing cars, is sure to be a city landmark–probably in the same way that the Disney Hall initially instilled both excitement and criticism. Now it’s one of our most iconic landmarks, and a reality for people to grasp.

Inside the screens, steel decks provide viewers fantastic views of the city. Keeping with the clean lines and open air feeling, the Tower has a glazed elevator in an enclosed glass shaft, and an open stairway to the top.

To be sure, the tower will have a captive audience.

The tower consists of five circular steel rings, approximately 30 feet in diameter. The rings are stacked vertically at 12 foot floor-to-floor intervals, and, as the height increases, the rings are staggered in plan, back and forth – to the north, east, south, and west – in order to establish proximity and viewing angles for various levels at various heights.

I can hardly wait to climb up to the top and see the view.

The Samitaur Tower will play host to a mixture of parties, art exhibits and openings, using the staging area at the bottom.

In February of 2009, I visited this location for an article entitled, Architecture as Art. Here’s what the Tower looked like then compared to now.

When you have time, be sure to stop by for a visit. Although the Samitaur Tower isn’t expected to open until early next year, it’s still a sight to see.

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