The Neighborhood Flag Project: LA Style

May 22, 2010 by Lisa Newton

Have you ever thought about designing a flag to represent where you live? Los Angeles is full of so many different neighborhoods, and each has its own character. Even though we may be separated by Los Angeles’ large geography and land mass–the heart of Los Angeles lies in its people and the areas that they call home.

Yesterday, a friend of mine was talking about going to the Channel Islands. I told her that I hadn’t had a chance to visit there yet. She was surprised, but then I said, “I haven’t seen all of LA, yet either, so the Channel Islands will have to wait a little longer.”

But, I digress.

Speaking of neighborhoods and flags, Good Magazine recently “asked a few talented designers, artists, and illustrators to create flags celebrating their neighborhoods.”

And design they did!

In fact, I can see each of the neighborhood’s character presented in these designs. Before you scroll over each of the flags to see the particular enclave that’s featured, try to guess what neighborhood it is first. As you scroll, you’ll also see the designer, and if so desired, click each flag for more information:

I’ve only featured the LA neighborhood flags here, but in total, Good featured 60 worldwide neighborhoods. If you’d like to see the rest, they’re definitely worth a long, glorious look: The Neighborhood Flags Project

From the flag, I’m sure you can guess the neighborhood featured in the slider and thumbnail above. It’s Northeast Los Angeles, and the designer is Jesse Spears.

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