The Naughty Nurse Nightclub

Apr 07, 2010 by Lindsay Pullin

If you have a fetish for naughty nurses, need a strong drink, want to hear good live music, and want an evening of fun, you’ll find that all at Club Good Hurt.

Good Hurt Nightclub is no newcomer to LA’s nightlife. It opened in September, 2002, as the brainchild of its owner Corey Trevor. Trevor came up with the idea for his themed nightclub while falling asleep one night, and he’s been running with it ever since.  (We have to wonder more about what’s in his dreams!)

The premise of the Naughty Nurse is of course a medical theme. The bartenders wear low-cut black dresses, and old time nurse hats.  You’ll find them at the bar underneath the red neon light proclaiming "prescriptions," and they’ll “treat” your condition with specialty drinks, such as a "Transfusion", a "Black and Blue", or a "Takillya" (say it slowly).

Yes, one could make the analogy of having a French Maid theme also, but I digress.

The club is known mostly by word of mouth, which has worked fine. It’s a place where the locals hang out for the music and the drinks. Interestingly, although it’s located on Venice Blvd., most ever recognize it as a nightclub, due to its lack of proximity to other businesses.

But once you’ve been there, customers are drawn into the entire concept and theme of both the "Naughty Nurse and Prescription Cocktails" theme.  Corey’s even mentioned opening up a Club Good Hurt in Hollywood, and maybe even expanding internationally.

"We love that we’re in the service industry," Corey told me, and indeed you’ll find the owner there most nights, checking out the crowd and listening to the music.

In true Club Good Hurt fashion, I heard of it through a friend, who lives down the street from the club, and has been there quite a few times. It took us awhile to get there, but I was pretty excited. I parked on the street (I hear sometimes this can be an issue, but it wasn’t for me), and walked in to see people crowded around the bar, waiting for their drinks and listening to the music.  I ordered a Transfusion, which was approximately $8. It contains vodka, grenadine and sprite, and although it tastes very sweet, it packs a wallop, and the nurse who took my order provided quick service.

The place is divided into two sides, the bar, and the stage–which is separated by a glass partition, keeping the music from dominating the conversations at the bar. I thought it was dark, and it definitely felt more dive-y than–like being in an actual hospital, but then again, night clubs aren’t meant to be brightly lit.

Monday nights have a pole dancing show, which is gaining popularity, but I can’t speak from experience, as the pole was not being used when I was there.

I was at the club on a Saturday night, when the headliner that evening was Frank Stallone, who is Sylvester Stallone’s brother; but there were many other bands playing that evening as well.

To find out which type of live music is playing during any particular five nights of the week, you can check their site, Club Good Hurt, for their schedule of events and live music. There are booths to chill in, small tables, bar stools, and also a small dance floor/viewing platform for the bands on the stage.  There are also two pool tables, but I didn’t see them getting any action when I was there. 

They play lots of rock music, but also host blues, jazz, funk, and soul.  You’ll also catch their DJ’s playing dubstep and electronica.  I recommend coming early, so you’ll be able to hear as many as five bands in one night.

Because Trevor likes to keep the music themed for each individual night, choose your vibe wisely—as it will be repeated throughout the evening.

Club Good Hurt is located at 12249 Venice Blvd. Its sign is a symbol of a giant Swiss flag (red, with a white medical cross in the middle), with the words, "Good Hurt" in the center, with a flashing red "Good Hurt" and a neon line measuring the spiky heart rate of the joint.

Come check out some live music, and let a naughty nurse serve your prescription for a Good Hurt. 

After all, whether you’ve been naughty or nice, having fun is always best served with a touch of fantasy.

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