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The Long Beach Museum of Art featuring ‘Art in Wood’ and ‘Impact of Water’

Jan 24, 2011 by Sandy Schroeder

Driving along Ocean Avenue on the to the Long Beach Art Museum, I always marvel at the timeless appeal of the ocean bluffs.

Since the early 1900’s the Art Museum, and many of nearby large old homes, have gracefully been facing the ocean–and setting the pace–for the surrounding Belmont Heights neighborhood. The Sunday afternoon I was there they were looking as splendid as ever.

The original art museum, named the Elizabeth Milbank Anderson House, and the nearby carriage house, were originally built in 1912. They next to the new two story museum that’s been bricked and painted to echo the original buildings.

Claire’s Restaurant , occupies the main floor of the Anderson House and provides a patio overlooking the ocean and harbor. Claire Falkenstein’s water sculpture, ‘Structure and Flow,’ greets visitors in the patio–many consider it to be the pinnacle of her career.

Art in Wood – the Lipton Collection

Inside the new museum, Dr. Irving Lipton’s renowned collection of contemporary art in wood is on view through April 3.

This important collection of 50 or so art works was bequeathed to the museum by him and is now making its first public appearance. Its pure poetry is infused in simple oak, maple, birch, walnut, sycamore, ebony and African black-wood, by many a group of distinguished artists. Indeed, if you like wood sculptures,, you’ill be delighted with show’s bowls, wall hangings, and much more–all completed over the last 20 years.

Branching Out

Complementing the Lipton Collection is the Branching Out exhibit that offers vibrant sculptures and vessels beautifully detailed in 30 different woods, also. Drawn from the museum’s permanent collection and featuring many known artists, this exhibit runs until April 3.

Exploring the Impact of Water

This unique exhibit captures water’s mesmerizing and sometimes unsettling power. It focuses on Long Beach’s “water history,” as well as its history with water by tracing its influence on recreation, port operations and industry.

The audience is invited into a look at the precious and precarious nature of water in today’s society. This exhibit runs until April 3.

The Long Beach Museum of Art, is located at 2300 East Ocean Blvd., in Long Beach.

There’s free parking next door, and when you’re there, you’ll have a choice of quite a few of its many exhibits, educational projects, workshops and events.

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