The Dolphin Change Program in Santa Monica

Jul 30, 2010 by Lisa Newton

If you spent any time walking around Santa Monica, especially on the Third Street Promenade and on Main Street, you can’t but notice the Dolphin Sculptures, which were designed by sculptor Peter Ehrlich, that are featured.

I’m not sure exactly how many there are, but I’ve seen two on the Promenade, and one on my recent visit to the Santa Monica Pier.

“Give Where it Really Counts”

Contributions to the Dolphin “Change” Program is used to support organizations that benefit the homeless and needy in Santa Monica. By giving to the Dolphin you are choosing a positive alternative to panhandling.

Started in 1993, the Dolphin Change Program, a project of the Bayside District Corporation, has been a way for the Santa Monica community and visitors to give responsibly to established social service organizations that help the homeless.

With the help of the Marion Dorn Estate, last year’s Dolphin grants totaled $50,000 dollars.

To qualify for a Dolphin grant, agencies must be located in Santa Monica and have programs that are attuned to the social issues and needs of the homeless in Santa Monica.

So, the next time you’re in Santa Monica and you have a little loose change in your pocket, consider putting it in a dolphin. Small things add up to larger things, thereby small change really does make a difference.

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