The Children’s Pool at La Jolla Cove

Dec 31, 2008 by Lisa Newton

Children's Pool in La Jolla

Until I saw it for myself, I had no idea there was a place to view sea lions and seals in their natural habitat. However, the Children’s Pool along the beach path at La Jolla Cove, offers an extraordinary view. Being able to observe animals doing what comes naturally without the trappings of a zoo in a treat.

After walking along Scripps Pier, I hopped back into my car and drove a little further down the beach to the Children’s Pool, which was originally designed to be a launching place for the children of San Diego to have easy access to the ocean. However, several years ago, seals and sea lions moved in. Needing a resting place, the Children’s Pool offered the marine mammals’ easy access to the ocean, plus a sandy spot for relaxation.

Sea Lions at rest

Even though a controversy still reins, most San Diego residents are favor of keeping the Children’s Pool as a reserve for the seals.

The seals inhabit the beach year-round. Amazingly, visitors can walk out onto the breakwater for close-up views of the Pacific Ocean and the seals. Be aware that this beach has no wheelchair access because of the steep staircase leading down to the ocean.

This little guy (at least I think it’s a guy) was just coming back from his daily swim and made his way back up to join his buddies.

He finished his swim

I feel fortunate that I was there on Christmas Day so the parking wasn’t too much of an issue, and it wasn’t too crowded, which gave me the time to take a few good pictures. The weather was rather cold, and although I wasn’t really ready to leave, the weather made that choice moot because it started to rain, so I made a mad dash for my car.

I can hardly wait to go back for a longer and more relaxed view of the shore, walk the streets of close to the beach, and visit the wide variety of shops and restaurants that parallel the walking trail, so stay tuned. More is yet to come.

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