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Jan 25, 2010 by Lisa Newton


Have you ever wondered about the “Secret Side of LA?” How about Route 66? Not to mention the Hotel Horrors of Los Angeles? If you’ve even been curious about any of these and many other unique stories, Esotouric bus adventures takes traveler’s straight into the "Secret Heart of Los Angeles."

Its magical tours are carefully crafted, well thought out, unique, innovative, and take you through the many facets, layers, and labyrinths of our urban colossus that defies, at times, our own sense of what a city really was, is, and can be. 

Esotouric provides the Best Tours of Los Angeles because they have retained an expert staff and tour guides to take you on their specialized tours. Through painstaking study, and direct experience with its subject matter, you’re exposed to a once-in-a-lifetime sojourn, with the wit, wisdom, and irrelevance that’s a rarity in today’s overly commercial and bland marketplace.

Esotouric’s mission delivers. Seen through the eyes of days past, and the present reality of what’s hip, the back-drop stories of Los Angeles are delivered to you "straight-up" on the rocks. With topics that include the infamous "Black Dahlia" crime; Raymond Chandler’s Los Angeles; East Side Babylon; Charles Bukowski, the anti-archetype writer and poet; and Tom Waits, a laudable and visionary musician, Esotouric’s tours are sure to get your “inner-cool” in gear. 

Los Angeles’ history is complex, intriguing, and include unsolved crimes, celebrated cult artists, various neighborhood architecture and ethnography, Hollywood history, and literary interpretations of what makes Los Angeles unique.

Esotouric bus adventures play an important and vital role to understand where we’ve been, and where we’re going.

Here’s a preview of the Esotouric’s “L.A. Noir” bus adventure:

What about Esotourics’s upcoming tours? I’m glad you asked:

In the upcoming weeks, Travelin’ Local will be continuing our coverage of Esotouric. We’ll have an in-depth interview of its founders, and then we’ll take their latest tour—The New Chinatowns.

Travelin’ Local is dedicated to other business’ here that are dedicated to all things Los Angeles, the good, the bad, and the ugly.

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