The best and most Scenic Way to get from Venice to Marina del Rey

Jul 07, 2010 by Lisa Newton

In less than 2 miles, you can walk from Venice to Marina del Rey.

During my bike ride in Marina last week, a family asked how me how to get to Venice. At the time, I was on a side street off the beaten path, and really wasn’t sure how to answer. In fact, I told them I thought Venice was about 4 miles away. Then they pulled out a map, which showed it was much closer. I was surprised. After all of us consulted the map, we figured out the best way for them to get there was via Ocean Avenue.

However, I wondered if there wasn’t a better and more scenic way to get from Venice to Marina del Rey—and vice versa. As yours truly loves to do Travelin’ Local’s research, this project was no different.

Is it possible to go from Venice to Marina del Rey via the Venice Canals and Ballona Creek?

Because I was totally new to this section of Ballona Creek, and have only been to the Canals twice before, I wasn’t completely knowledgeable about the best course to get from one place to another–but, I quickly learned.

After you enter the Venice Canals from Venice Boulevard, take a break and enjoy a walk through the canals. If it’s your first time here, you might want to look around as well. If you’re just going to Marina del Rey, just keep heading straight.

Once you reach Washington Boulevard, you’re faced with two choices–the obvious one is taking the trail to the left, but there’s also a trail on the right. Take the one to the left:

As you can see by the construction material in the photo, the ongoing restoration of the plant ecosystem is being heralded by volunteers. Here’s a photo taken on June 26th, via the Ballona Institute’s facebook page:

If you noticed the trail on the right side, you can walk it for a while, until, at the end, you’ll find this:

I admit, this is a beautiful scene, except for the end of the sidewalk–it would be great if a walking bridge was built here connecting this trail with the trail on the other side of the lagoon.

But, by following the trail on the left as mentioned above, you’ll discover this trail also ends, sort of. After you pass a high rise apartment building, the trail turns into Via Dolce Street.

Turn right here and follow the sidewalk. You can’t see the canal, but Via Dolce leads right to the orange house at the far left of the photo above. That’s where the trail starts up again, leading past the beautiful scenery, bird habitats, and wonderful architecture.

From here, you can see where I made my earlier mistake:

See the sidewalk that ends on the right– I was standing there a few minutes ago.

To help you retrace and show my hike from Venice to Marina del Rey, I traced my steps and put them in the map below:

View Walking from Venice to Marina del Rey in a larger map

What will you find once you reach Marina del Rey or in the alternative what will you do once you reach Venice and its beautiful canals?

Amazing that each of the two beautiful spots are less than 2 miles away. To make a day of it, take your bike along and do the Marina del Rey Biking Route. Just be ready to walk your bike for a while. No bikes are allowed on the Ballona Creek Walking Trail.

What can I say? I love living in Los Angeles!

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