The 5 Mile Rule

Jul 15, 2010 by Lisa Newton

As of today, Bike to Work Week took place a couple of months ago. Are you still trying to bike to work, or did you participate in it as just a one shot deal?

For me this is a very personal issue. Because I travel all over the city, I don’t get to use my bicycle as frequently as I could or should. Time constraints are my main impediment and factor which predisposes my reasoning.

For instance, over the weekend, I went orange picking in the San Fernando Valley. I live in West LA. If I had ridden my bike there, which is a pretty far distance, it would have taken me most of the day, and I probably couldn’t have walked for a week.

But, I know that I can no longer and do not want to put time ahead of being more eco-friendly and be more health conscious as well.

Therefore as of today, I’m making a personal and public commitment to change my lifestyle. I’m going to go “car-lite,” and use my bike as often as possible.

Currently 40% of all trips made are less than 2 miles, but 90% of those trips are also made by car. I intend to become part of the 10% by following the 2 mile rule. But, I’m going to up that 2 mile rule to a 5 Mile Rule. From now on, all of my trips that are equal to or less than 5 miles will be car-free.

As the Publisher of Travelin’ Local, much of my day is spent behind a computer, so I’m not as physically fit as I would like to be. I’m not in terrible shape, and overall, I don’t do too badly; but I know I want and need to lead a healthier lifestyle. and The 5 Mile Rule fits perfectly into my needs and wants.

As well, because of my lack of regular exercise (and probably a little over eating), I’m weigh about 30lbs. more than I would like or should be. So, I’m going on the Car-Lite Diet. I’m positive my new found dedication to the 5 Mile Rule will help with that.

To that end, I have two immediate goals for myself.

1. By September 12th, 2010, Day 58 of my Car-Lite Diet and the planned day of CicLAvia, where 7+ miles of LA streets will be car-free, I will be 20lbs lighter. CicLAvia is a social event designed to get walkers, bikers, skateboarders, and anyone else who doesn’t want to drive a car to shop, eat, and just have fun, is currently in the final stages of preparedness. Here’s the planned route:

2. By October 23rd, day 100 of my Car-Lite Diet and also the date of the Tour de Fat, a traveling “road” show designed to spread “the good word about the positive societal offerings of the bicycle.” Taking place in the Los Angeles Historical State Park, it’s the perfect setting for me to celebrate my new, fitter, sleeker body.

Follow along as I keep you updated on my progress. 5 Mile Rule here I come!

I’m really excited about my decision. I have two bike locks, and I have the panniers attached to my bike rack for groceries.

BTW, if you or anyone else wants to join me in the 5 Mile Rule journey, by all means please do. Nowadays working out with a partner or group really helps us stay motivated especially as we all lead busy and stressful lives.

So, to keep it real, I’ve created a widget so you can let all of your friends participate, too.

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