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Jan 27, 2011 by D. J. Schwartz

There’s no shortage of Coffee Table books covering any subject one could think of documenting and showcasing just about any topic.

Especially those that include “Hotels,” “Beautiful Places,” “Things to Do,” “Places to See,” “Art,” “People” and “Food.”

And that’s perfectly fine. Many products are produced by many companies, in many ways using different techniques.

But, when the subject matter is meant to convey something special and ephemeral, yet very much real and contemporary, there is no finer luxury book at an affordable price, than TASCHEN’S Great Escapes.

This special Box Edition—containing 5 volumes covering North America, Europe, Asia, South America and Africa—are more than stunning in diverse ways; put simply, it’s simply breathless.

Frankly, I’ve never been so absolutely taken aback and astonished that each one of the unique get-a-ways featured in the Great Escapes volumes even existed, notwithstanding that they’re carefully featured in this very, special guide, which will show you places that will literally take your breath away.

There’s no need to “Travel the World,” if all you own is TASCHEN’S GREAT ESCAPE BOX, because it-and the rest of the TASCHEN Travel Books-are the only thing you may need, but never go anywhere.

Be careful though, because after reading it, looking at the edition’s stunning photographs of the world’s most spectacular get-a-ways, you might want or need to visit each and every one of the winsome, exceptional, famous, and breathtaking hotels, with your only limitations being your time and budget.

The book features get-a-ways from each continent:

A plethora of exquisite, stylistic, historic, cultural, religious, ethnic, eco-friendly, and always superb and elegant hotels of interior and exterior design and wonder.

THE GREAT ESCAPE BOX and series reminds us that, even during our current times of distress and unrest, and among the shrill of everyday life, that there’s still unique places where time stands still, waiting to be enjoyed and explored.

Be forewarned, there wasn’t one get-a-way that I did not find that wasn’t special in its own way; and splendorous in both its surroundings and features:

You’ll discover hotels from old ranches, homes of various statesmen of yesteryear, castles, museums, forests, ancient ruins, rehabilitated light-houses, rustic cabins, relaxing hot springs, old palaces and farmhouses that are not only magnificent in comfort–but always offer top-of-the line service, food, and surroundings.

All of the volume’s accompanying prose, edited by Angelika Taschen, is outstanding and elegantly written, in its ability to convey to the reader each important detail of every venue listed–including its features, history, style, interiors, exteriors, history, art, and descriptive and worldly history.

Simply reading the book will whisk you away immediately to each and every one of The Great Escapes–even if you’re sitting in a chair.

Included, are all details for each hotel—it’s location, method/s of travel ingress and egress, web address, room, suite and house rates, phone number, destination information, all types of food served or available, ancillary prices, and the number of people and rooms dated for each escape.

And the best part of the series, besides which books are recommended to take for each hotel, was my favorite–the special X-Factor description provided.

Lastly, TASCHEN’S GREAT ESCAPES, includes many more web picks generously provided to the reader as a helpful and public service for each volume.

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    Outstanding! Superb reminder of what’s out there.

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