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Take me out to the ball game – the Dodger’s of course!

May 10, 2010 by Lindsay Pullin

Summer is right around the corner, and that means longer sunny days, watermelon, and baseball. If you live in Los Angeles, and have never attended a Dodgers game, shame on you!

With that in mind, I’m going to share with you the top 5 non-sports related reasons why you should go. I say non-sports related, because if you’re already a fan of Baseball…there isn’t a reasonable excuse that you can make why you shouldn’t go.

So, using David Letterman’s inimitable top 10 format that he’s so famous for–here’s my Top 5 Reasons why you should attend a Dodger‘s game.

Starting from Reason Number Five:

5. Dodger Dogs

Really, eating a hot dog at a baseball game just feels natural. I always crave a Dodger Dog, whenever I’m headed to the game. They may not be the best hot dogs in the world, and they’re a little overpriced, but really people, you’re paying for the experience.

4. The view of Downtown Los Angeles 

The game’s done, people are streaming back to their cars, and the Downtown skyline is glowing and beautiful. It’s nice to take a step back from the city and see how bright and colorful it is as a whole.

3. The 7th inning stretch and singing, “Take Me out to the Ball game” 

Although I spend a lot of the game walking to the bathroom and getting replacement beer and dogs, I still enjoy the 7th inning stretch.  By this time, most of the fans are a little tipsy, so singing "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" becomes especially spirited.  Rooting for the home team never feels as good as when you’re surrounded by the thousands of other proud Dodger fans. It also brings a level of excitement and involvement back into the game, at a time when you might otherwise be a little bored, and when many little kids that have fallen asleep in their chairs, are now wide awake.  Not to mention that there’s a practical reason for the 7th inning stretch–standing up for awhile really does get the blood flowing into your cramped legs again.

2. The Chance of getting on the Dodger Big Screen

It’s an equal opportunity hope for all fans to possibly be recorded and shown on the stadium’s giant big screen. Of course, it’s really one giant crapshoot if you are, and it may also just depend on what you’re willing to do to be seen by others–and there’s always somebody willing to do something wacky to be seen. If you have no interest in having up to 56,000 people watch you jump up and down—or some other silly antics– it’s always entertaining to talk to your friend at the game to hold court for your own running commentary about the braver ones who were put on the big screen–figuring out exactly what they were thinking when they typically got chosen based on something or other, usually somewhat partly stupid or silly.

1. Its a heckler’s paradise

What better way to get your “Ya Ya’s Out,” than to let your inner pride out by vocalizing it for your city against our opponents. As fans it’s our right, and duty, to defend the Dodger’s honor. Remember, though, to try and keep it clean, if you can! 

Dodger games are fun because you can choose your level of participation while experiencing them all. If you don’t feel like telling the pitcher exactly what you think of him and his mom, someone will–using a variety of creatively colorful language.

Most likely you’ll have at least one fan close to you who is actively vocal throughout the game, if it’s not you. It’s even more likely you’ll have many vocal fellow fans. It’s really lovely seeing that level of unity in a city that often seems cold.

The bottom line is that by attending a Dodger’s game, it’s a great way to feel connected to our city, cheer along with other fans for our home team, and have fun enjoying America’s favorite past time!

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