Mini Breaks at Home

Feb 26, 2010 by Lisa Newton

This is a guest post by Mike Cliffe-Jones. who publishes his influential blog over at Mike’s Life.
Mike’s is passionate and dedicated to help other bloggers and social media professionals how to best achieve [...]

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Travelin’ Local visits Robert Moses State Park – Long Island

May 27, 2009 by Lisa Newton

Recently, we had the divine pleasure of having Kim Pace, of Kim Pace Photography; share a personal guest story of her Travelin’ Local in her home state of New York. It was accompanied by her [...]

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Travelin’ Local visits Long Island, New York

May 12, 2009 by Lisa Newton

Today’s feature story, along with photographs, is provided courtesy of the inimitable and hugely talented, Kim Pace, of Kim Pace Photography, from Long Island, New York.

Before I provide Kim’s biography in her own words, I [...]

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Travelin’ Local visits the Vancouver Islands

May 06, 2009

One of the great things about the Internet is that we can literally visit different places, make new friends,
learn new things, and start billion dollar companies, from the comfort of our own homes, using nothing [...]

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Travelin’ Local visits the City of Brotherly Love

Apr 28, 2009

It is both my pleasure and joy to introduce today’s featured article, by D. Travis North.
By way of further introduction, Travis’ own biography and background is provided by him as:
"D. Travis North is [...]

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Travelin’ Local visits The Desert Botanical Garden in Arizona

Apr 13, 2009

Tess Marshall, of The Bold Life, was gracious to share one of the favorite spots in her neighborhood for today’s Guest Post—the Desert Botanical Garden. Tess is a remarkable and accomplished businesswoman, life coach, psychologist, [...]

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Travelin’ Local visits Tucson’s Sabino Canyon

Mar 25, 2009

Today, Travelin’ Local welcomes our guest poster, Diane C, whose blog, Sabino Canyon, features the panorama of sights, sounds, wildlife, natural resources, hills, canyons, plants, mountains, and the visually stunning photos from the desert oasis right next to [...]

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Travelin’ Local is in Wisconsin Again

Mar 17, 2009

Today’s guest post is by the talented and engaging Lance, whose own blog, the Jungle of Life, has inspired me and others, to accomplish our goals, take a close look at who we are, and [...]

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Travelin’ Local is visiting Wisconsin today

Mar 17, 2009

Today, Lisa from Lisa’s Chaos was gracious to extend her warm welcome by allowing me to feature Travelin’ Local from her hometown in Wisconsin.
So if you came here expecting to see another great Southern [...]

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It’s snowing at Travelin’ Local

Jan 23, 2009

For someone who lives on the West Coast, visiting the East Coast during winter isn’t the easiest trip to plan. Questions abound: What should I wear? What shouldn’t I wear? Do I need snow boots? [...]

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Travelin’ Local visits the East Coast

Jan 21, 2009

A major part of the focus of Travelin’ Local is Southern California, particularly Los Angeles, because I happen to live here. However, another side of Travelin’ Local is also that our neighborhoods are part of [...]

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