Bikes and Mass Transit are changing Los Angeles

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Los Angeles, like many other cities worldwide, is trying to implement across-the-board alternative modes of eco- friendly transportation and mass transit, to improve our quality of life.
In Southern California, all new mass transit and strategies for transportation improvement, must also [...]

Chris Brogan, the So Cal Action Sports Network, and the evening that almost was

On March 8th, Chris Brogan, a well-known social media expert and activist, posted his upcoming trips and events.
This conference was a must-see for me:
March 26th - March 29th, So Cal Action Sports Network, Irvine, CA. - Speaking to a dynamic group of brilliant marketers.
So, I immediately hit the link and registered.
Although I had driven [...]

What is one thing Los Angeles is famous for?

I should have used the word “infamous” but I wanted to get your attention.
Unfortunately our paradise is marred by one major ubiquitous problem:
Yesterday, I was on the 405 (Here in LA, the freeways are always preceded with the word “The.” I don’t know why, but that’s just the way it is.)
It was only noon, so [...]