Torrey Pines Beach – Up Close and Personal

Apr 21, 2009 by Lisa Newton

This is last story from my Torrey Pines series, featuring its ocean shore.
Although Torrey Pines was named for the pines trees that have prevailed for centuries, a major part of the park is the ocean [...]

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Torrey Pines, Dolphins, and another day in San Diego

Apr 15, 2009 by Lisa Newton

When we last left Torrey Pines, I was at the top, looking in all directions.
A few yards down from the trail, I saw that several people were looking out at the ocean; so of course, [...]

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San Diego, Torrey Pines, and a Trail

Apr 12, 2009 by Lisa Newton

A friend invited me to share Passover Seder at their house in beautiful San Diego.
Of course, I brought myself, my appetite, and my Nikon.
So I graciously accepted her invitation, and after the evening sunset, when [...]

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