The Best Snow Cones in Los Angeles

Travelin’ Local is officially declaring that from this day forward, Sunday, July 26th, here on out, is the official “Snow Cone Sunday” Holiday in Los Angeles. What self-respecting fun in the Summertime routine is complete without enjoying at least one delicious snow cone? But—not to worry, Travelin’ Local’s food hounds hunted, found, ate, and now grace your presence with the “real scoop.” But, where can you go– you must be wondering– to enjoy such simple splendor in a cup?

Zacatecas Raspados

If you live in Los Angeles, the best place for a fresh, delicious snow cone is at, Zacatecas Raspados. Translated into English Raspados literally means drink of flavored crushed ice.

And at Zacatecas Raspados, they make theirs with a mixture of homemade juices, mixed in with the crushed ice– which these snow cones actually are. In the picture above, they actually use the term “Ice Cones.”

Having a tall Sweet and Cold one doesn’t get any better on a lazy Sunday day

As recently featured in the Wall Street Journal by a globetrotting gourmand, and foodie, food critic Amy Chozick, has literally traveled the seven seas in search for the perfect snow cone. In her travels she’s managed to find a few, and today’s story features one she considers to be a leader in the delicate art of “The Sweet and the Cold.”

Simple and Compact

Although the store is simple and compact– and might not look like much– as the saying goes, “The best things come in Small packages,” or “Don’t judge a book by its cover!”

With flavors including pineapple, strawberry, and mango, the store’s shaved ice is mixed with chunks of real fruit, so to live and not die in Los Angeles, is to kick back, relax, have a tall one, feel the cool breeze, and watch the people, cars, and sky hover in East Los Angeles, in the way that only the locals know how to do.

Special Recipe

The Ice Cones Secret Recipe

Fill the cup half way with crushed ice, ladle a generous portion of your choice of fruit concoction, fill the remainder of the cup with more crushed ice, and then add another ladle of your chosen fruit fusion.

Below are actual chunks of pineapple in my beverage. My girlfriend who was with me, chose the Limon, or Lemon in English, but because it’s a naturally sweetened fruit, no chunks for her!

Of course, all of the recipes at Zacatecas Raspados are a secret, crafted by one woman who makes the decadent mixtures every day at a secret location, and keeps them in a safety deposit box at night while she sleeps.

Just joking, but for me, there’s nothing better than a cool, natural, summer breeze for your inner body, which also cools your outside senses and gets one ready for the next Travelin’ Local sojourn.

Pineapple Snow Cone

The sights and sounds of Travelin’ Local feed the mind, but its food can satisfy the soul and the stomach, which is even better:

Zacatecas Raspados

422 N. Ford Blvd.

Los Angeles, Calif.


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