Travelin’ Local visits Robert Moses State Park – Long Island

Crossing the Bridge

Recently, we had the divine pleasure of having Kim Pace, of Kim Pace Photography; share a personal guest story of her Travelin’ Local in her home state of New York. It was accompanied by her awesome, inspiring, and emotionally brilliant photographs of her trip to Long Island’s amazingly beautiful Bayard Cutting Arboretum.

Today we have a much anticipated encore from Kim; and it covers a couple of topics that are among my favorites—parks and the beaches. I’d have to say that I love beaches almost as much as anything else in the physical world. Along with art, books, architecture, and education, family is on my short list of life’s loves.

Kim’s passion and sense and sensibility shines as she shows us her interpretation of Long Island and its cultural and physical aesthetic as seen through her lens meant for our consumption.

And what a treat.

Interestingly enough, I’ve discovered a bit about Robert Moses. Leaving his legacy to the biographers and historians, it is a fact that Robert Moses was one of the most famous city planners in the world and he was for New York.

Moses led the way to fight the wealthy land barons in upper New York State who conspired together to deny others access to its beaches; because the wealthy landowners at that time would not allow for any right-of-ways for roads to be built for the residents of New York to go to the beaches because there was no access. Moses changed all of that.

He led the charge for the building and creation of Fire Island and the beach and ancillary aquatic facilities; and from Kim’s ode to Fire Island proves, sometimes a good fight is worth it in the end. Not only she, but now her children get to go the beach and enjoy for the rest of their lives its living legacy.

Moses was responsible for many of New York monuments—including the Brooklyn Bridge, the Triborough Bridge, and was the mover behind Shea Stadium and Lincoln Center, and contributed to the United Nations headquarters.

Robert Moses State Beach is a state park which is located in the state of New York.

Here is Kim’s inimitable, interesting, and penetrating guest story; and her experiences while Travelin’ Local in Long Island–her long time home and love.

Robert Moses State Beach

Robert Moses State Beach is located on the western end of Fire Island outside of the boundaries of Fire Island National Seashore.

Off in the Distance

Long Island has been my home for my entire life.  I have always had the luxury of being 20 minutes from the beach.  This luxury is not something I take lightly either.  I love the beach.  I love the smell of the beach. The sound.  The tranquility that comes from the second your toes feel the sand.

Brown Brush and Tranquility

Robert Moses Beach has always been the beach I return to year after year.  It is the beach I will bring my boys to every summer.
Long Island is still trying to break into Spring, but a few weeks ago we had a freakishly beautiful day.  I chose to head to the beach with my camera to welcome the new Spring season.  It was chilly and the brush was still brown from the cold winter but the feeling of tranquility was still as powerful.

The smell of the surf

There was the ocean, with the seagulls running around. The light house, that stands in the background, watching over it all.

The smell of the surf.

Taking the boys to the beach

I love it. I cannot wait to bring my boys to Robert Moses beach over and over again to create the memories I have cherished about living on Long Island.
I hope you can see some of the beauty through my lens of Robert Moses Beach.

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