“Anytime You’re Hungry, Everybody Goes to Rick’s”

After you finish a great day of Travelin’ Local, if you’re in the San Gabriel Valley, Rick’s Drive In & Out is a local institution where you can get “Cheap Eats” but you won’t be “Eating Cheap.”

Rick's Drive In & Out

Made fresh with each order, the burgers are cooked the old-fashioned way, right on the grill. Their French Fries are the crinkle cut variety, and with a little salt added, hit the spot. As you can see from the menu posted above, their offerings are bountiful and affordable.

Next time I go, I’m leaving early to have breakfast—I’m love pancakes or as some call “Hotcakes.” The staff and waitress’ are friendly, the parking lot is large, and it’s a great place to have either American or Mexican authentic meals. As you can see from the picture, they also offer dinners, a Steak or Chicken Picado combination plate.

All in all—I would add Rick’s Drive In & Out to your list of restaurants that offer both good food and good value.

Super Seating

One of the best things about Rick’s—besides their varied and delicious menu–is their bountiful seating. You can eat inside, on a covered patio, or outside. Televisions abound throughout, and it’s a family friendly place as I saw many eating together the day I was there.

Right next door is a small stage where free entertainment is offered—the day I was there a gentlemen was playing a range of melodies and rifts from 60’s music to the Dick Dale School of surfing songs.

Rick's Super Buy

With prices like $5.79 for a full meal, you can’t go wrong. If you want a healthier variety, you can go the way of my friend, who ordered the turkey sandwich which was prepared impeccably. More importantly, the meat was lean, and the sandwich wasn’t overloaded with mayonnaise or any other condiment.

Healthy Turkey

Although I didn’t stay for dessert, they do make fresh pies, puddings, and cheesecake.

After you finish your meal, sit back and people watch, listen to the live band, or just enjoy the conversation of friends.

After a day of Travelin’ Local of visiting history, it’s great to unwind with good food and great company. My taste buds are salivating and my stomach is ready for Travelin’ Local’s next restaurant review.

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