A Day of Shopping at The Grove

Not too long ago, the areas around The Grove, were run-down older apartment buildings, motels, and the hither and yearn of urban decay– so typical of inner-city life and living. Then something changed—the private sector stepped in to improve the quality of people’s lives, and of course to make money.

For shopping, dining and simply loving life, The Grove is your ultimate entertainment destination. From your favorite boutiques and restaurants to choreographed fountains, you’ll enjoy an experience like no other in Los Angeles. Why not head to The Grove?

The Spirit of Los Angeles

With its quaint streets, building facades, and various points of interest, shopping at The Grove is an experience—you can go from zero to hero in only a few minutes—to finding that perfect summer dress, wedding gift, or some furniture for your apartment or house–The Grove has it all.

Of course, you’re welcome to stop by for a quick shopping trip–but the best way to really enjoy The Grove is to spend the day, casually strolling past the choreographed fountains,

Choreographed Fountains

or the life-like statues. It’s family friendly. This little boy’s antics were cute as he played with the various water fountains.

Look Mom, water!!

Of course, if you spend the day, you’ll want to know which shops you’ll find there. The list is impressive, including: Gap, Abercrombie & Fitch, Forever 21, Pacific Sunwear, Victoria Secret, and J. Crew, to name just a few.

For a complete list, click here.

What’s a day shopping with friends without enjoying lunch out? Be prepared to enjoy yourself at Wood Ranch BBQ & Grill or Maggiano’s Little Italy or maybe The Farm of Beverly Hills. Of course, these are just three of the many restaurants, food outlets, and café’s at The Grove.

At the end of the day, if you’d like to visit the neighboring Farmers Market, just hop on the electric powered trolley whose tracks meander between the two locations.

Trolley Track

If you visit The Grove–until August 28–Subaru is sponsoring free Movies in the Park,” featuring all time favorite movies “Under the Stars.”

Call me a hopeless romantic—but an evening under the stars viewing classic movies sounds so dreamy. I can’t ’t wait to see the movies. Staycations when Travelin’ Local just doesn’t get any better. At least until I find the next “in” spot!

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The Original Farmers Market Celebrates 75 Years

Farmers Market

Farmers Market early beginnings were humble to say the least. It originally opened 75 years ago with only 18 farmers, who paid $.50 each to rent space for them to sell their colorful harvests. Farmers Market has currently grown to 85 shops, and employs over 700 people.

It’s not hard to believe—the world famous Farmers Market, is a non-stop hum of activity.

Celebrating 75 years

With an average of 3 million visitors each year, Farmers Market is an industrious, busy, and a hopping place to be. Here are some salient and interesting facts:

1. On an average day, Farmers Market visitors purchase more than 1,000 gallons of coffee.

2. Employees in the various Farmers Market shops and restaurants speak over 20 languages for and as they serve their customers and clientele who hail from all parts of the globe.

3. Tusquellas Fish & Oyster Bar sells about 3,000 shrimps every day. Source: Farmers Market History

Marconda's Prime Beef

Farmers Market Celebrates its 75th Anniversary

Next week, Farmers Market is celebrating its 75 Anniversary and has many festivities planned. Be sure to mark it on your calendar and to-do list! Here are but a few of the activities being planned:

July 14th - Taste of Farmers

Will be featuring live music from the 30s and 40s, merchandise and food specials, and special ticket prices. Visitors are welcome to stroll the Market as well. The evening starts at 5pm and lasts until 9pm. For more information, visit farmersmarketla.com

July 16th- 75th Anniversary Birthday Party

Join marching bands, celebrities, and local dignitaries at the Clock Tower at Farmers Market. It’s commemorating its 75 years at Third & Fairfax. The Opening Ceremonies commence at 8am, and the entertainment and special events start at noon.

French Crepe Company

Farmers Market Annual Events

In addition to these weeklong special events, Farmers Market is host to many other free year round events:

Free Summer Music Series, May 28 - Sept. 11, 2009

Free Summer Family Fun Series, June - August 2009

Fall Festival, October 16, 17 & 18, 2009

Holiday Festivities, December 2009

Mardi Gras, February 2010

Gilmore Heritage Auto Show , June 2010

How do you get to the Farmers Market via Metro?

You can use the 16/316, 217, or the 218, depending on your starting point.

So the next time you need something to do—and some delicious eats—head over to Farmers Market and enjoy yourself. You’ll then continue the long honored tradition of being a part of Los Angeles history.