Mapping Los Angeles by Bike

Jan 17, 2010 by Lisa Newton

When I first purchased my new bike last year, naturally I started looking for places to ride it. Instinctively I presumed that because Los Angeles is so large, there would be quite a few good [...]

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The Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook

Jan 09, 2010 by Lisa Newton

At the suggestion of Will over at [sic], today I finally ventured to the Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook, and I wasn’t disappointed.

From where I was standing, the snow-topped mountains are more than 40 miles away. [...]

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Public Art lives in Culver City

Dec 06, 2009 by Lisa Newton

Unlike yesterday’s article–which featured art on architecture– today I’m showing where and how the city of Culver City decided to use Public Art to help enhance the quality of life for its residents and business’.
Subsequently, [...]

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A Review of West Coast Drawings VIII at the Koplin Del Rio Gallery

Jul 13, 2009

I am pleased to announce that Travelin’ Local has a new arts, culture, essayist, and featured writer. Although he is using his pen name–Tom Jones–in the real world, his vast education and experience are in [...]

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Culver City Downtown Walking Tour

Jul 10, 2009

Over the years, Culver City has gone through a metamorphosis. Gone are its days as a sleepy working class enclave. It’s now a modern, thriving intersection of the arts and motion pictures industries; a design, [...]

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The Culver City Art Walk

Jun 03, 2009

Last weekend, I was fortunate enough to attend my first Art Walk. Los Angeles has long been home to the Entertainment Industry; but lesser known is the fact of its existence as a long time [...]

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Ocean View Farms, a Community Garden and City Oasis

Apr 07, 2009

On Saturday, I spent the morning learning how to grow tomatoes at Ocean View Farms (OVF).
What is Ocean View Farms?
It is among the largest of more than 70 community gardens in Los Angeles County, with [...]

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