Estrada Courts Public Murals in Boyle Heights

Mar 31, 2010 by Lisa Newton

In many ways, Travelin’ Local is a hip online lifestyle magazine that brings you the latest about what’s hot and what’s not.
However, along the way, it can easily be argued that we’re also a [...]

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Boyle Heights Historic Places include a Sears and a Synagogue

Mar 29, 2010 by Lisa Newton

Both buildings are located in Boyle Heights, and they’re both listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
Los Angeles, a relative new city when compared to the founding of the nation on the East [...]

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Boyle Heights and Hollenbeck Park

Mar 25, 2010 by Lisa Newton

Amazingly, the journey that leads to Hollenbeck Park, which is located in Boyle Heights, originally started in Ohio and Illinois, moved to Nicaragua, and then finally arrived in Los Angeles, circa 1876.

As William Mulholland was [...]

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Boyle Heights Long and Rich History

Mar 17, 2010

Previously considered the area for “new” Los Angeles residents, Boyle Heights has a long and rich history.
The Los Angeles neighborhood is named after Andrew A. Boyle, an Irish immigrant who built his first home in [...]

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