Beach Cruisers, Repair, and Bikerowave

Feb 14, 2010 by Lindsay Pullin

In college, I had a beach cruiser that I would ride to class. Back then, my bike was parked outside and I literally didn’t lift a finger to maintain it.  It was heavy, and not [...]

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Long Beach on the path to becoming a top “Bike-Friendly” City

Feb 10, 2010 by Sean Belk

Riding your bike through a busy metropolitan city isn’t always a pleasant experience.
Whether you’re a novice or an expert cyclist, you’re sure to get a few jeers or honks from motorists on the road—or [...]

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Mapping Los Angeles by Bike

Jan 17, 2010 by Lisa Newton

When I first purchased my new bike last year, naturally I started looking for places to ride it. Instinctively I presumed that because Los Angeles is so large, there would be quite a few good [...]

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Crescent Bay Park in Santa Monica

Aug 14, 2009

Santa Monica is known for its world famous beaches, but when you want to avoid the crowds, check out Santa Monica’s Crescent Bay Park on the beach.
Located half a mile south of the Santa [...]

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Riding the Ballona Creek Bicycle Trail

May 05, 2009

The day after Earth Day, the sun was shining and the air was fresh, so I took the opportunity to ride the Ballona Creek bike trail. Last time I tried to ride the trail, the [...]

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“Postcards from Ballona”

Apr 24, 2009

On Earth Day, April 22, 2009, a group of artists and volunteers gathered to revamp the “Postcards from Ballona” mural which has graced the Ballona Creek Bike Path access ramp on the west side of [...]

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Bikes and Mass Transit are changing Los Angeles

Apr 08, 2009

Los Angeles, like many other cities worldwide, is trying to implement across-the-board alternative modes of eco- friendly transportation and mass transit, to improve our quality of life.
In Southern California, all new mass transit and strategies [...]

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Springin’ into action on the Metro’s Orange Line Bicycle Path

Mar 19, 2009

With the hint of spring in the air last weekend, I decided to ride a bike trail I’ve had my eye on, the Metro Orange Line Bicycle Path.
After having gone through a major clean-up effort, [...]

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Riding the Los Angeles River

Mar 10, 2009

After Saturday’s LA Bike Summit, I’m confident that using a bike in LA will start to become a little easier. The Summit brought together people from all walks of life, with just one commonality, bikes. [...]

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A Day for Talking Bikes

Mar 09, 2009

Are you into bicycling? Do you like a casual ride on the weekends? How about commuting to work via a bike? Maybe you want to live a car-free life?
If you answered yes to any of [...]

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A Bike Path on a Sunny Sunday Afternoon

Mar 02, 2009

Yesterday’s weather was the reason so many come to Southern California—it couldn’t have been better; sunny, not too hot, light breeze, clear skies, fresh air, and a late Sunday afternoon type of quiet.
So I packed [...]

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Life’s a Beach

Feb 20, 2009

This post is a summer teaser; especially for those that live in winter climates. Hopefully you’ll think of me, not cruelly, but in the spirit of Travelin’ Local–of and about Southern California–as an invitation to [...]

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Biking on the Beach

Dec 23, 2008

It’s amazing how relaxing an hour on my bike with my camera can make me feel. I am able to load up the bike in the backseat of my car, grab a quick cup of [...]

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