Sit Back Saturday

Jan 29, 2010 by Lisa Newton

As the publisher of Travelin’ Local, it’s no surprise that time is always in short supply. For instance, every day I read a lot of blogs, websites, industry publications, journals, and other online content.

In doing so, I read what others are writing about, to find hot new trends, follow those people whose writing I admire and enjoy, and to maintain Travelin’ Local’s edge through constant attention to those industry leaders involved in social media trends, digital marketing, and everything else I can find the time to peruse–which may not even be in the previous categories, but for interest and fulfillment.

Los Angeles at the LADWP

It seemed natural then, for me to introduce the concept of sharing some of what I enjoyed and found to be of interest. I’ve selectively picked some of the best stories of the week, but by no means is the list all inclusive—for that I’d be writing a manifesto that nobody would want to read.

As everyone’s busy with their own work, family, and responsibilities what better way to spend a Saturday, then to sit back and let me share some of my favorite California reads from this past week.

So, to that end, sit back, grab your beverage of choice, and enjoy the following stories I picked for this week’s “Sit Back Saturday:”

And there you have it. These links by no means reflect all of the great articles written this week, but for my short list, each one is a wonderful read.

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3 Responses to “Sit Back Saturday”

  1. Ebie says:

    Hi Liz, thanks for the link and be featured in your blog.

    This is a great reflection shot. Although I don’t come this way so ofter, this looks like the DWP.

    P.S. My laptop is still being fixed by our neighbor, hopefully I will get it later tonight. Thankfully, I have save all my picture files.


    LisaNewton Reply:

    @Ebie, You’re correct, that is DWP.

    I just like to turn my computer on and have it work. I hope you get your laptop back soon. :)


  2. how to ollie says:

    Great post. I’m always looking for great blogs and I really like yours.


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