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Sit Back Saturday

Mar 20, 2010 by Lisa Newton

Our familiar and enjoyable time is yet one more time upon us. So if you don’t yet have your coffee mug nearby, excess noise removed, and left yourself a few moments for your early morning tête-à-tête with Travelin’ Local, you’ll definitely need it today.

Because today, we’ve prepared an extra and eclectic array of stories and activities for you to read and choose to participate in–from gardens, the Metro Blue Line, or the Los Angeles River.

Hollywood Hills

Also, I’d like to invite you to purchase the Hollywood/Highland Walking Tour. It’s a great way to spend a weekend afternoon, and it can also easily be made into a permanent paper back book as well—it’s the first of many Travelin’ Local Walking Tours. For only 5 bucks, is something that will last you a lifetime in memories, as well as a keepsake.

They explore many of our city’s eclectic neighborhoods, hip spots and places, and areas of significance. If loving Los Angeles is in your blood, then be sure to purchase one to embrace Los Angeles’ rich and diverse ethnic, artistic, architectural, neighborhood, and patchwork of varying areas of interests that define us and keep redefining the ever-changing Los Angeles ethos and lifestyle.

Lastly, the Travelin’ Walking Tours include maps to assist you to physically, artistically, and culturally embrace our city while using your two feet. What could be better?

Today’s Sit Back Saturday reading and activity list includes the following:

  • Grow LA Victory Garden Initiative: Get started on your garden now. Even if you only have a small space, you can still grow lots of great stuff. It just takes a little creativity, and this initiative will spark your inner gardener.

  • Desert Garden Conservatory: Visiting the Huntington Gardens is always enjoyable, and their gardens are divine, especially their cacti and succulents.

  • Certified Wildlife Habitat 35038: If you have the space, why not be listed as a Certified Wildlife Habitat? How cool.

  • The Blue Line and Safety, Part I: After 20 years of service, this get-together discusses the safety record of the Metro’s Blue Line. We think they’ve done a great job, and they keep the good job going every year.

  • A peek at our skies: Every so often, we get beautiful clouds here in LA, and Ebie found some gorgeous ones to share with us.

  • NICE PEOPLE RULE! And so does a good fish taco.: For those who might suspend judgment to the contrary, Los Angeles is not just about snobs, celebrities, and shallow people, and this story is just one of many that prove that to be a fact.

  • News and Events – 12 March 2010: Did you know that a car recently drove off the 10 Freeway and plunged into the L.A. River? Joe did. So check it out.

We’ll meet again next week, but until then drop us a note and let us know which event or activity that you participated in from our list, and we’ll appreciate the shout-out.

We wish our Irish readers a belated Happy Patrick’s Day, so until next week, stay cool and have fun in the sun.

Be sure to read our next feature of Sunday at the Theatre Edition tomorrow, where we’ll be featuring another world-famous Theatre downtown.

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Just for fun, SoCal

2 Responses to “Sit Back Saturday”

  1. Ebie says:

    Hi Lisa, I am so humbled for this feature! Thank you for this sort-of a promotion of my blog. I am so honored.


    Lisa Newton Reply:

    @Ebie, I know I don’t drop by often enough, but I do love the things you do over there.



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