Sit Back Saturday

Posted on March 6th, 2010 at 11:41 am by Lisa Newton

Temescal Park View

It’s that time again to clear your desk, declutter your life a little, and remove all excess noise and distractions to take a look at some interesting activities we’ve assembled for you. 

In case you weren’t paying attention to the weather, it appears that rain is heading our way.  There’s no question we’ve had a lot of rain lately, however the precipitation is definitely needed.  So each time I see the rain, I’m grateful. 

I know we need the rain, and with it comes the fresh air and crispness of life. I’m looking at the upside of all this,  because as we’re all aware, sitting in traffic and getting around town is mind blowing difficult during the rain.

Therefore, if it does rain, here’s a few indoor activities for the weekend:

  • Weekend Movie Guide: Going to the movies is always a good option when it’s raining, and when it’s not. Here’s a list of movie options for this weekend.
  • Speaking about movies, here’s a chance to get a free sneek preview for the upcoming movie called Dirt.  What is Dirt?  "Dirt is a part of everything we eat, drink and breathe. Which is why we should stop treating it like, well…dirt."  GreenLAGirl can tell you more.
  • How about visiting a new art gallery exhibit?  Fine Art LA has a wonderful suggestion, "The Art of the Fight," so feel free to stop by The Manifest Equality Gallery, located at 1341 Vine St., in Hollywood.  For more information and times, check out Fine Art LA.
  • Don’t forget that Sunday night is the Oscars, but if you’d like to take a trip through Oscar memories, LA is my Beat has a wonderful retrospective.

If Sunday turns out rainless, the LA Raw Bazaar looks like a good place to be.  If you want to learn more about eating raw, you’ll find it here.

I’ll leave you today with a short Awareness Test video:

How well did you do on the test? Did you see the brown bear?

Rain or shine, LA is always a great place to be, so have fun and be safe while you’re Travelin’ Local. 

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