Sit Back Saturday

May 22, 2010 by Lisa Newton

It’s that time of the week again–Sit Back Saturday–where we feature eclectic and interesting writers throughout Los Angles.

We’ve chosen those scribes from from the LA area whose musings, penmanship, and writing caught our attention.

As usual, this week’s list is as unique as it’s interesting:

  • We all know, "Blondes have more fun," but do California blondes have more fun? Californiality found the truth behind this long wondered question.
  • Do you need a little more noodles? If you’re going downtown, Monkey in LA helps you find some good ones.
  • Ellen, over at L.A. is my Beat, shares her food and photo adventures from this month. Be sure to check some of these places out.
  • Ed Fuentes over at view from a loft, shares a small moment in his day, but I’m sure the neighborhood enjoyed it. Are you curious?
  • Usually, Travelin’ Local likes to take a look at public murals, so when I saw this story at The EastsiderLA, about a mural going into "hibernation," I was a little suspect. But,  if you read the story, you’ll see a happy ending may be possible.
  • Have you ever seen a hit and run accident? Bikeside LA did, and he really does he have a story to tell. Plus, a few photos.

Albeit brief, we brought you some intense, and hopefully, satisfying stories for this daily dose of Travelin’ Local’s Sit Back Saturday. Each week as we look for items to feature here, we become much more aware of what’s going on and where’s it gettin’ it on at!

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