Sit Back Saturday

Apr 24, 2010 by Lisa Newton

It appears that this weekend will be warmer, making for a picture perfect Southern California sunny and clear weekend. The kind we all see on postcards!

As we head closer and closer to summer, we’re all aware of its feeling in the air. With that in mind grab your cup of coffee or other beverage of choice, turn off the radio or television, and treat yourself to the best stories and articles from the web that Travelin’ Local chose for your reading pleasure.

With that in mind, here’s the current edition of Sit Back Saturday:

  • Everyone likes to go on vacation, but when you return, do you have a new found appreciation for being home? Californiality has a similar story to tell, entitled, “Sweet Home California.”
  • Daniel Hernandez has a wonderful overview of celebrating Earth Day in San Diego. He’s also celebrating his 40th birthday on the same day. A great read.
  • LA Cowboy has a heartwarming story about “The Son I Never Knew I Had.” His narrative and heartwarming tale are impressionable.
  • Will takes a unique and humorous look at the proposed Metro fare increase with his story, “I couldn’t resist.”
  • Do you have a craving for a great hamburger? After reading this, you just might want to head over to Compton and visit Mom’s Burgers.
  • If you’ve ever ridden the Metro train or bus, I’m sure you’ve seen people sleeping. The Bus Bench writes about this with both photos and video.
  • A “floralscape” is being created alongside the 110 Freeway north of Sunset Boulevard, and Eastsider LA has the photos documenting the project.

And lastly, let’s give a unanimous, Hip, Hip, Hooray, as the Venice Neighborhood Council Unanimously Approves a Cyclists’ Bill of Rights!

Looks like the word’s spreading—bicyclists and pedestrians have rights more than in law and name only, and they too, want their rights respected, or else others will find themselves on the wrong side of the law.

Lastly, Travelin’ Local wishes you all a safe and fun weekend.

We’ll see you tomorrow for another Sunday Afternoon at the Theatre edition.

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