Sing-a-Long Saturday–The Ventures, Wipe Out and Hawaii Five-0

Dec 04, 2010 by Lisa Newton

In last week’s Sing-a-long Saturday, we featured the Surfaris’ Wipe Out. However, another band, The Ventures, also recorded Wipe Out, and many think and feel that their version is much better.

In fact, the Ventures, (although they don’t consider themselves to be classified solely as a “surf rock” band), had a major influence in the development and stylistic sound that defines the distinct surf music genre.

The Ventures were among the first rock acts able to sell albums based on a style and sound without needing hit singles on their albums. John Fogerty, former leader of the famous Credence Clearwater Revival, who was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 1993 said, “The Ventures are the most popular instrumental rock & roll band of all time.”

The Ventures were originally formed in 1958 by Don Wilson and Bob Bogle.

The Ventures are also acknowledged by countless musical authorities and members of the 1960s generation as "the band that launched a thousand bands" in recognition of the fact that many thousands, if not tens or hundreds of thousands, of youngsters who first heard "Walk Don’t Run" were inspired to learn to play the electric guitar and to start their own "garage bands." Source: Petition to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

Also, the Ventures wrote the theme song for Hawaii Five-0, a popular and successful television crime series during the 60’s.

Some of the guitar players and bands who were inspired and influenced by the Ventures include:

To be sure, that’s quite an amazing list.

Over the years, the band has had many members, but the sound has remained the same. Still very popular in Japan, the world’s second largest music market, the Ventures continue to play and perform up to the present today.

So, without further ado, here’s the Ventures version of Wipe Out, followed by a snippet of their 2008 induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, which features the both songs Walk, Don’t Run, and their second biggest hit, Hawaii Five-0:

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