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Sing-a-Long Saturday – The Surfaris “Wipe Out”

Nov 27, 2010 by Lisa Newton

The closest thing to surfing has always been the song, Wipe Out, by The Surfaris, which was formed in Glendale, CA. Millions of surfers and others around the world immediately recognize the song for both its uniqueness as well as its perennial connection to surfing.

Labeled as the one of the most definitive surfing songs of all time, without question, the mystic and rocking drum prominent in the song is part of its enduring legend. And who can forget the laugh at the beginning.

Written the four original members of the Surfaris, Bob Berryhill on rhythm guitar, Pat Connolly playing bass, Jim Fuller who specializing in lead guitar, and Ron Wilson who did the drums, Wipe Out was released in 1963.

Some of you may remember the days of 45 RPM singles, those small albums that needed a special attachment in order to fit on the turntable. Surprisingly, Wipe Out was on the B side with Surfer Joe on the A side.

Although the band disbanded four years after Wipe Out was released, they continue to perform, lead by the only surviving original member, Bob Berryhill.

And now, let’s listen:

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