Sing-a Long Saturday – Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody

Mar 05, 2011 by Lisa Newton

Almost everyone has a genre of music that they love. In fact, many people have more than one.

Growing up, we’re influenced by what’s popular, what’s playing on the radio and most importantly what our friends are listening to.

Everyone has their favorite bands or songs from their youth that brings back memories–for me growing up, one of my favorite songs which brings back fond memories is Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody.

It’s definitely one of the most unique Rock and Roll songs ever written or produced.

When I was in high school, many, many moons ago, I was in the choir. Although I’m not the greatest singer, I could hold my own, so to speak.

I was part of a small town choir and we were in a choral competition against some “big city slickers.”

Surprisingly, we won and on the bus ride back home, Bohemian Rhapsody was playing on the radio. In pure joy, the bus full of our choir burst into song at the top of our lungs.

Looking back, it seems that all of our collective joy of winning came out in our voices when we accompanied by Freddie Mercury.

Amazingly, when Bohemian Rhapsody was first released at 5 minutes and 55 seconds, several music executives thought it was too long and would never be a hit.

Well, it was and today, it’s sold millions of copies and it earned number 163 on Rolling Stones’ Top 500 Greatest Songs of All Time.

A few decades later during one beautiful summer afternoon while I was driving my car with the windows open, with all of my four beautiful daughters as passengers, Bohemian Rhapsody came ablazin’ through the car stereo’s speakers.

I said, “Shh, be quiet, and listen to this classic song.”

It was love at first note.

Even more amazing, as we stopped at a traffic light, the car next to us was also listening to Bohemian Rhapsody on the same radio station as we were.

To this day, that memory brings a smile to my face.

Music is like that, creating memories with every note, and song by song.

In the words of Freddy Mercury:

It’s one of those songs which has such a fantasy feel about it. I think people should just listen to it, think about it, and then make up their own minds as to what it says to them… “Bohemian Rhapsody” didn’t just come out of thin air. I did a bit of research although it was tongue-in-cheek and mock opera. Why not?

Although today’s Sing-a-Long Saturday is tangentially about LA, we’re all allowed for creative license and for a few memories here and there.

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