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Sing-a-Long Saturday: Los Lobos – Straight out of East Los Angeles

Dec 18, 2010 by Tom Jones

Although Los Angeles has had its fair share of musical bands and musicians originating and playing here, there’s always been a dearth of Mexican Rock’n’Roll bands that made it into mainstream Rock & Roll culture as well as commercial success, both here and nationally.

But during the 80’s, the band, three time Grammy winner, Los Lobos (The Wolves), changed all that. And they did so by staying true to their Latino roots, by combining their blend of Tex-Mex, Rock and Roll, Country, Folk, and Blues influences. And of course, their music was original, hip, and drew a mixed following across all music genres.

Another facet which played an important component of the band’s success, is that they were never flashy, they stayed true to their East Los Angeles roots by continuing to both live and practice there, and up to the present, their unique brand of music still plays homage to their Mexican – Latino culture in their songs.

Even though Los Lobos creativity has never stopped since they first started recording, they’ve shifted their reach through live performances at clubs and via touring, and use the Internet to reach their continued diverse audience.

Through their touring via clubs and playing in concerts alongside bands and performers including Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, and the Grateful Dead, their music is as vibrant and diverse as ever. Also, they’ve just released their most recent album in over four years entitled, Tin Can Bust.

Los Lobos recorded soundtracks for both movies and shows including The Sopranos, Desperado, and I’m not There.

The members of the group include David Hidalgo -vocals, guitar, accordion, and fiddle; Louie Pérez – vocals, guitar, and drums; Cesar Rosas -vocals and guitar; Conrad Lozano –vocals and bass, and Steve Berlin on keyboards and horns.

More than three decades have passed since Los Lobos released their debut album, Just Another Band from East L.A. Since then they’ve repeatedly disproven that title—Los Lobos isn’t “just another” anything, but rather a band that has consistently evolved artistically while never losing sight of their humble roots.

Their discography consists of albums and songs that explore a variety of musical genres and dedications to various musicians and bands including Fats Domino and the Grateful Dead.

But during their entire career, they have continued to record Latin based songs that endear them to their community and to their fan base,.

They’re well known for their homage to Ritchie Valens, with their re-recording of the smash hit, La Bamba.

Here’s their performance of one of their breakthrough songs, “Don’t Worry Baby:”

Photos courtesy of The Huffington Post and Amazon.

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