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Sing-a-Long Saturday – 13 songs entitled “Los Angeles”

Mar 19, 2011 by Lisa Newton

Los Angeles has long been known for its central role and contributions to the music industry. From the Capitol Records building to Charlie Chaplin’s A&M Records, and the fact that we’re the perennial home to most major Record Labels, Distribution Companies, Indy Labels, Recording Studios and the decades long home of musicians who cover a wide genre of music.

We also have the largest infrastructure supporting the Music and Movie industry–law firms, accounting houses, post and pre-production firms, and a concomitant eco-system that not only have the most experience but is the best in the business.

In the 1930s and 40s, jazz musicians like Charles Mingus, Buddy Collette, Gerald Wilson helped to lead the way to establish Los Angeles as the stomping ground for music, musicians, and music companies world-wide.

In the 1960s, Los Angeles was home to such bands as the The Byrds, Randy Newman, and The Doors. Plus, the Beach Boys were from Hawthorne?

Fast forward to the 90s, and Los Angeles was home to the likes of Beck, Tool, System Of A Down, Rage Against the Machine, and Linkin Park just to name but a few of our local musicians who are known world-wide.

An ancillary but critical component as to why Los Angeles is the Movie and TV capital of the world, is that all of these musical programs and films need soundtracks and editing, not to mention the many local shops which play a role in creating music for the much hated ad and commercial business.

So, it’s not surprising that a few bands, which may or may not call Los Angeles home, have written songs entitled, Los Angeles.


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