The Santa Monica Stairs Walk isn’t for the Meek

Oct 12, 2010 by Lisa Newton

One of the things Los Angeles is known for, and maybe not so known for, is its various stairways.

Although most of our fair city’s steps are located in the Silver Lake – Echo Park regions, a few of them also call Santa Monica home, as well.

The most famous of the Santa Monica steps–are the two sets off Adelaide Street;which are located right off San Vicente Boulevard and 4th Street.

On any given day–as well as any given time–you’ll always find people climbing up and down these two stairways:

Sweat dripping, heavy breathing, workout attire varying from basic sweats to high end leotards, and of course, sneakers are part of the ambiance.

Although I’m not a regular step climber, my experiences here have always been positive–most here, are usually very friendly.

Everyone understands why they are there–to have a great workout that’s free, and the fact that everyone respects their space; along with everyone elses.

Anytime you go, you’ll see professional workouts taking place. In fact, you’ll often find vans loaded with all the basic necessities you’ll find in a small gym, kettle-balls, weights, mats, etc.

Here’s a map of the Santa Monica 4th, Street Stair Walk:

View Santa Monica Short Stairs Walk in a larger map

The west stairs closest to 4th Street, are concrete and narrow, with a couple of turns.

Further down, the east steps are wooden and wider. With the combined stairways and the loop, the total mileage is almost ½ mile. I think you’ll discover that the walking in between the stairways is another way way to catch your breath, as you’re determined to “shake that body.”

If you really want a complete 100% workout,– ride your bike to the stairs; but if you drive, there is free parking on Adelaide Street.

However, due to street cleaning, you can’t park on Adelaide Street from 9:00 to 11:00am on Fridays. And if your desired time is to park after 6:00pm, you might have a little trouble finding the space–but I’m pretty sure you can still park on San Vicente at anytime of the day.

Here’s the Santa Monica Stairs:

Now, don’t just sit there, let’s get to them now!

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