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Sep 08, 2010 by Lindsay Pullin

It had been 2 years since I last bought a pair of running shoes. True, my Nike’s were too small, and they were the color of dirt, but for some reason I just didn’t see the need to replace them, even though I used them 4 or more times a week. Finally, I was convinced to get a new pair, and was recommended to "Runners High", a store for runners with two locations in Long Beach.

I brought my old shoes to Runners High, as I had been advised, and Andy, a long time employee checked them out for me to see how I ran. Then he went to the back and brought back some shoes in my size for me to start trying on.

I should give my history with running. I’m far from a pro, but it’s become an enjoyable way for me to stay in shape. The healthy aspect of running was too much a draw for me to ignore, but now I find that I am pushing myself to run a faster mile, to go farther, and more often. Thus, the need for pair of good running shoes, a professional opinion, before I ended up hurting myself, as sports injuries are quite common with runners.

I didn’t come alone to Runners High, two other beginner runners accompanied me, who also brought their old shoes as well. Each of us had specific questions and needs for our feet, which were well taken care of by Andy and Brian.

My friend had been experiencing a burning sensation in her feet while running, and was advised by Brian that she probably had Morton’s Neuroma, which can cause a burning feeling and pain between the 3rd and 4th toe bones.

I tried on 3 pairs of shoes, and was advised to run in all 3 outside. This was pretty awesome because it really allowed me to test them out, instead of just walking around inside the store. Also, the Runner High employees put the shoe on your foot and tie it for you, so it’s pretty nice having someone tend to your feet and really listen to your issues, and allow for you to feel how well the shoe will behave in the real world.

After my run, I ended up debating between a pair of Nikes and a pair of Adidas, Andy put one of each on my feet and told me to walk around, until I was able to choose the Adidas.

Runners High was started in 1979 in order to offer a professional and knowledgeable opinion to runners, and provide them with high quality running shoes and equipment. I went to the location in Belmont Shore, on Second St. Their second location, on Stearns, is very close to CSULB.

Indeed, I did receive sound advice from experienced runners, as both Brian and Andy were originally runners and currently triathletes. There’s also Team Runners High, and training offered for marathons, if you feel like getting competitive and really pushing your limits.

Runners High is a local treat for Orange County and LB runners, I know I’ll return once I reach maximum mileage on my new Adidas to make sure I’m taking care of my feet with the help of a store and its employees who really listen to what you have to say and feel.

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