Los Angeles is rich in recreational facilities, hiking trails, swimming pools, parks, and many city sponsored events.  As time goes by, I’ll be looking at each of these facilities one by one.  You’ll see it here first.

Los Angeles Swimming Stadium

Swim, Learn, and Play at the Los Angeles Expo Center

to the

Los Angeles Expo Center, a premiere recreation, sports, learning, cultural, neighborhood, and special events location, right in the heart of downtown Los Angeles.

To be honest, I’m jealous of the residents and students surrounding this stunning and grand virtuosity in city planning for the people of Los Angeles—and especially for its local neighborhood.

The Expo Center [...]

Dive In

Los Angeles’ 59 Swimming Pools

The City of Los Angeles, Recreation and Parks Department, Aquatics Division offers a schedule full of family activities that are healthy, affordable and safe.

They operate, manage, and maintain 59 swimming pools, 10 lakes, and a beach, every single one has its own programs and schedules, including exercise classes for seniors, lifeguard training, swim lessons for [...]

“Riviera of California”

Malibu Lagoon the “Riviera of California”

During my recent bus ride to Malibu, my first stop was at the Malibu Lagoon State Beach, a 13 acre shallow water embayment occurring at the boundary of the Malibu Creek Watershed, the second largest watershed draining into Santa Monica Bay.

The sand-barred lagoon, just off Malibu Point, is a resting and feeding estuary for more [...]

Did you catch anything yet?

“Fishing in the City”

Have you ever thought about fishing in Los Angeles?

Until I went to the Santa Monica Pier and saw all the people fishing, it didn’t even occur to me, but then again, I’m not a fisherman.

But, a lot of people are:

The California Department of Fishing and Game has a special program to get kids interested in [...]

Let's Protect our Treasure

“Postcards from Ballona”

On Earth Day, April 22, 2009, a group of artists and volunteers gathered to revamp the “Postcards from Ballona” mural which has graced the Ballona Creek Bike Path access ramp on the west side of Overland Avenue in Culver City since 1997.

Over the years, the mural had become a victim of both vandalism and graffiti; [...]


Torrey Pines Beach – Up Close and Personal

This is last story from my Torrey Pines series, featuring its ocean shore.

Although Torrey Pines was named for the pines trees that have prevailed for centuries, a major part of the park is the ocean and it’s view from the ground level.

I’ve shown it to you from afar, but not up close and personal.

The day [...]


Please take me to the Playground

As of 2002, two-thirds of children, 18 and under, who live in Los Angeles do not live within walking distance (which is defined as ¼ mile) of a public park, according to the study, No Place to Play, by the Trust for Public Land, a nonprofit conservation organization.

"From a public health perspective, the benefits of [...]


Los Angeles is the Entertainment Capital of the World

One of the great things about Los Angeles is that you never know when you’re going to literally encounter or find fantastic entertainment.

On any given day, also, there’s a plethora of creative things to do, go and to see.

For example, on Wednesday, Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band were at the Los Angeles Sports [...]


City Center Rocks Los Angeles

What was once only a dream not too long ago is now reshaping downtown Los Angeles–culturally, physically, musically, economically, and communally.

On May 15th, 2002, the LA City Council established the City Center Redevelopment Project Area, and with each new building completed, it’s becoming a major destination point for entertainment, sports, industry, hotel, office, music, television, [...]


A Solar powered Ferris Wheel?

After researching the history of the Santa Monica Pier, I was fascinated by its history, in particular, its Ferris Wheel.

Since my days of growing up in the shadow of Cedar Point, I have long been a fan of amusement parks, and Ferris Wheels in particular.

With the slow ride to the top, riders are afforded unique [...]


Torrey Pines, Dolphins, and another day in San Diego

When we last left Torrey Pines, I was at the top, looking in all directions.

A few yards down from the trail, I saw that several people were looking out at the ocean; so of course, being the naturally curious person I am, I stopped to see what they were looking at.

Low and behold, as you [...]


San Diego, Torrey Pines, and a Trail

A friend invited me to share Passover Seder at their house in beautiful San Diego.

Of course, I brought myself, my appetite, and my Nikon.

So I graciously accepted her invitation, and after the evening sunset, when the Seder began, and dinner had been served, I was already contemplating my next sojourn for Travelin’ Local.

Although I’ve been [...]


Sun and Fun at the Santa Monica Pier

Millions of people from all around the world have enjoyed one of California’s most famous landmarks, the Santa Monica Pier.

Although it was slated for demolition in 1973, the community rallied to save it, only to have Mother Nature destroy about ⅓ of its length in 1983 during a huge ocean storm.

And, just like before, the [...]


A Vacation Day at Coldwater Canyon Park

Nestled tightly toward the top of Mulholland Dr, in the hills of Beverly Hills, is Coldwater Canyon Park.

“Set atop chaparral-covered canyons, it provides a haven of natural beauty in the midst of Los Angeles’ sprawling urban landscape. From this shady, quiet retreat you can enjoy panoramic views of the San Fernando Valley. Over 70,000 people [...]


Macarthur Park is going to The People

A couple days ago, I featured some of our local feathered friends that I discovered while visiting Macarthur Park, so today I’d like to share some other interesting photographs that I took while I was at the park.

As Diane C. noted, Macarthur Park is also famous for the song named after it, which was first [...]


Macarthur Park is going to the Birds

Whoever thought a major metropolitan city like Los Angeles couldn’t have so many different varieties of birds, definitely hasn’t visited Macarthur Park, which is located in the Westlake district.

Considering the recent history of Macarthur Park, it has come a long way; it used to be “crime central” in Los Angeles–drug-dealing, shoot-outs and the occasional rumored [...]


An Afternoon with the Media at the Paley Center

As I’ve mentioned several times, I’m not a “greenhorn” to Southern California nor am I a native, so I was very excited when a friend of mine suggested that we visit The Museum of Television & Radio (MTR) in Beverly Hills. Its architect, Richard Meir, created a building that lives and breathes on one of [...]


Riding the Los Angeles River

After Saturday’s LA Bike Summit, I’m confident that using a bike in LA will start to become a little easier. The Summit brought together people from all walks of life, with just one commonality, bikes. It just so happened that on Friday, I decided to take advantage of the great weather, so I packed up [...]


Goin’ Down

I’m on my way back down to the base of Temescal Canyon. If you’ve been following me on my trek over the previous two posts, you were able to watch me as I made it to the waterfall, and then to the top of the mountain.

Going down a mountain, especially one that’s a little [...]


On top of the Mountain

"I’ve Been to the Mountaintop"

By Martin Luther King, Jr.

“..I would move on by Greece and take my mind to Mount Olympus. And I would see Plato, Aristotle, Socrates, Euripides and Aristophanes assembled around the Parthenon. And I would watch them around the Parthenon as they discussed the great and eternal issues of reality. But I [...]


A Waterfall in my Backyard

It’s true. Temescal Gateway Park is a Los Angeles hiker’s dream. I hiked there a few months ago, but due to all the rain we’ve recently had, I was very curious to see if the park’s waterfall had managed to regenerate itself. At first blush, being that the last time I was here, the waterfall [...]